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Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Living Room | 0 comments

A room with a view

A room with a view

Looking at the image below it may evoke memories of a luxury beachside holiday. In some it may have them hankering over memories of a love which slipped away on that last foreign holiday before responsibility set in. Do you remember the view from your balcony or beach side patio? Remember long, lazy summer days, white sandy beaches, sangria, warm nights, summer loving and a view to die for – fab memories for many of us.


Living in the view

Back to reality, forget about the holidays, you’re back home and real life goes on. As my daughter in law frequently tells me; ‘you cannot live in a view.’ This probably explains her reasons for wanting to live in the middle of one of those hideous modern estates, where all the houses look like coloured boxes (or pale imitations of Balamory) and the gardens are similar in size to a postage stamp. Her view from the windows of her home is the fence which separates her home from the box next door.

uPVC glazed windows and doors

She has the benefit of triple glazed uPVC windows and doors fitted in her modern ‘boxy’ home, glazing which has double benefits; first, it keeps out the noise of neighbours, yapping dogs and traffic noise. Second, they are so efficient at keeping heat in and cold out, her energy bills are ridiculously low compared to my two centuries’ old, energy inefficient farm cottage. Combined with solar panels and efficient air source heat pump heating, she and my son are the embodiment of modern living.

However, I can stoke up the fire if it gets cold out of season. In the colder months and through the winter the central heating is powered from the Aga which stands proudly in the kitchen. We do not have all the benefits of an energy efficient home complete with all the latest energy saving fixtures and fittings. What we do have however is a gloriously uninterrupted view over open farmland for almost as far as the eye can see – a view to die for really.

There is a lot to be said for modern homes with their triple glazing, low energy and running costs, and I am not one to knock that. But for me there is a lot to be said for a glorious view, lots of peace and quiet and seclusion which is (almost) priceless.

If you have a view which is worth making the most of enjoy it while you can. Which is probably the reason my daughter in law spends as much time as she can sat in a comfy chair on our patio, drinking tea and admiring the view.

Image credit: / artur84

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