How To Select The Best House Layout Plan For Your Family

Families come in all different sizes and luckily floor plans do too! It can be difficult to choose with so many options and life uncertainties, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll need a home that fits your lifestyle. After all, your home layout shapes the way you and your family or guests enjoy the space.

There are tons of pros and cons to asses like room size, location, bedroom number, basement usage, etc. It can be an overwhelming decision, but have no fear we’re dishing out some pro tips on how to find your dream home.


  1. Choose the number of bedrooms

Family size drives purchase decision for most home-owners. Couples or small families may be comfortable in a two master bedroom house plans; it depends on how many people you expect to live in the home. Home hunting experts recommend bedrooms for everyone in the house and an extra for guests.

Bedroom location is also a factor if you have newborns, and you need to be close by the tend to your children. There should be a balance between location and private space. Close enough to hear a crying baby, but enough room for when they grow older and want some privacy.

  1. Bathrooms

If you grew up sharing a bathroom with a sibiling or family member, you can probably remember a time when you got into a squabble over bathroom usage or space. One bathroom for every two bedrooms is usually suffiecent.

Guest accommodations typically are a bedroom and half bath suited for an overnight visit.

  1. Open Floor Plans: Pros and Cons


  • Brings the family together: Open floor plans promote togetherness simply because the spaces are connected. It allows for everyone to be a part of the conversation, whether meal prepping in the kitchen or watching your favorite show on the couch.
  • Makes a small space feel larger: Open space is the ultimare small space hack because it tricks the eye into thinking that there is more there.


  • Lack of privacy: No separation in the common areas means together all the time. There are few ways to escape the noise in these spaces.
  1. Convenient laundry room

Location and size are important laudry room considerations. Laundry units without room space create clutter in the hallways if you have to run big loads. In two story homes, a downstairs laundry room is usually best.

  1. Have sufficient storage space
  • Kitchen: Pantries are a good way to store foods that don’t need to go in the refridgerator. Storage space for appliances and cookware are also a necessity.
  • Garage Space: for parking your car, cycles, motorbikes, etc.
  • Attic: Attics provide storage space for seasonal items or belongings that you don’t use very often.
  1. Consider outdoor space

Outdoor space can be a commitment to maintain so be sure you want to take on that responsibility before choosing ammenites. It will be nice if you also have an outdoor space where you can play badminton or basketball etc.

Ultimately, your best house layout meant for your family will be the one that is going to align perfectly with your lifestyle.

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