The Advance In Home Security 2014


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Smart home automation is the future of home efficiency and energy usage and home security. You’ve probably heard this by now. But have you heard about ADT Pulse, the leader in smart home automation? With ADT Pulse from Choose Home Security, gone are the days of leaving your house only to remember you left the TV on, turned the thermostat up too high, or forgot to arm your home security system. Using Z-Wave™ technology, ADT wirelessly connects all of your electronic, digital, and home security devices, allowing you to control each and every one of them with the touch of a button—on the ADT Pulse portal or wirelessly on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Z-Wave, a wireless technology, is what turns your regular household items, like lights or locks, “smart.” Z-Wave is what powers all of the devices in your home to wirelessly and securely connect, be accessed, and be controlled on your portal or mobile device.


Using Z-Wave technology, ADT Pulse not only brings you the power to control your home security system and home devices anytime, anywhere—it can help to lower your energy bills. Most homeowners spend around 10% of their income on utilities, yet much of it goes to waste. We leave lights on, run the air conditioner or heater when we’re not home, keep the TV running, and more, and often because of simple forgetfulness: We run out of the house and forget to turn items off. Not anymore with ADT Pulse. Anytime, anywhere, you’ve got access to all of ADT’s advanced home security and automation features. Meaning, you’ve got the power to save money—with the simple touch of a button.


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