8 Reasons Why the Average Brit Moves 8 Times in their Lifetime

It was recently discussed in the British media that a UK-resident moves house an average of eight times in their lifetime – eight times! That’s a lot of boxes and a lot of different residences considering some people never move out of their original or first family homes, while others seem to be moving on a regular basis based on different factors and circumstances that may or may not be out of their control.


It may be that they don’t like the area they’re living in any more, maybe their family situations have changed or it could be a professional reason behind the moves; whatever the reason, eight different homes in a lifetime seems an awful lot. This made me wonder just how and why people would move eight times and, strangely, I managed to come up with eight reasons:


  1. Moving out for the first time. After growing up and finding your feet while living with your parents, there comes a time when everyone feels that they need to go it alone. It may be that they have found a partner, it might just be that they want to have the independence. Some people are lucky enough to have the money saved up having worked for several years to buy the property, while others choose to reinvest the rent they’re paying their parents into a rented property large enough for them to have somewhere to call their own for the first time.

  2. University. The majority of students live on campus or in the city while they’re at University in either student accommodation or a property shared with people from their course or that they’ve met during their time at the University. While it’s true that some will commute from home, it’s either recommended that students live within close proximity of the campus, or they just choose to live in student accommodation with their peers.

  3. New Careers. In the modern world, people aren’t able to instantly find work on their doorstep and it may be the case that they have no choice but to move to a new part of the country – or the world – to find work, or take up an opportunity that has been offered to them. Those living in rural areas in particular are often left with no choice but to move to the city to find work in specific industries as they find that there are either limited or no opportunities to forge a career in their current location.

  4. Larger Properties. Having moved out for the first time and invested in a property that was yours and large enough for you to have your own space and your own possessions, the time might have come for you to need to spread out into somewhere a bit bigger. You might have a partner now and your one-bedroom flat isn’t big enough, or perhaps you want somewhere with a bit of land and you want to have a garden and therefore you’ll need room for a garden shed and outdoor storage for your mower and tools or to have a space to entertain your friends and family in the summer.

  5. Starting a family. Similarly to the previous point, when you choose to start a family you will inevitably find that your current property is too small. While the answer for some is to build an extension on their existing property, that isn’t always possible and you are left with no option but to move somewhere that has a small room for the baby when it arrives or with more than two bedrooms if you’re planning for the long term!

  6. Closer to family. Having made the break and moved away to either find work or to attend University, you might have reached the point in your life where you’ve had enough time having to travel for hours to see your friends and family and that you want to move closer to them.

  7. Dream locations. Then, of course, you have people who have always dreamed of living in a certain location. This may be a city or rural area that they’ve visited in the past, or it might be somewhere that they’ve seen on television or in the magazines – or even been on holiday too – that they instantly fell in love with. Sometimes the time comes when people are ready to bite the bullet and leave the hustle and bustle or sleepy lifestyle they’ve grown used to, in favour of the more glamorous or luxurious life they’ve always wanted.

  8. Retirement. Eventually, you might decide to retire and rather than just growing old in the house you bought years ago when you moved to the city for work you might decide that you want to go back to your roots or to somewhere more quiet and relaxing to enjoy life.

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