10 Inspirational Tips for Personalising Your Home

Let’s face it, the prospect of moving to a brand new place is an exciting one. With a move on the horizon, you may be looking forward to all the happy memories you’ll share with your family and friends in your new home over the years to come. And, when all your belongings are unpacked, you may start to feel a little more comfortable in your new surroundings.


However, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before you can really call your new house ‘home’. Think about it, every aspect of the look and decor were chosen by the previous owner. Now that they’re getting settled elsewhere, isn’t it time that you started to personalise the place?


Are you looking for inspiration on how to add that individual touch to your abode? Then you’re in luck! We’ve curated 10 of our favourite tips to help you customise your living space to reflect your unique personality. Ready to get started? Then let’s begin, shall we?


Add a Bathroom Tile Backsplash


If your bathroom is looking a little drab, the addition of a bathroom tile backsplash could make all the difference. Choose a colour scheme that complements your bathroom decor and you can’t go far wrong.


Aside from enhancing your bathroom’s looks, a tile backsplash also offers practical advantages: it protects the wall behind the sink from mildew, mold and rot.


Replace Your Windows


Dreary, worn and damaged windows can reduce the levels of sunlight reaching the interior of your home. They can also exacerbate heat loss and hurt the property’s kerb appeal.


Conversely, new windows tend to be much better than their predecessors at making good use of the available sunlight and cutting heat loss. They’re available in a wide selection of modern, attractive styles, designs and configurations.


When it comes to aesthetics, you can choose from a slew of colours and finishes that not only complement your home’s decor, but also reflect your unique tastes. You may wish to add a stained glass design to some of the windows for that defining touch.


You may opt for uPVC window frames, given their durable construction, longevity and eco credentials. Where glass fittings are concerned, double-glazing remains the most popular choice, offering excellent insulation at a sensible price.




Customise Your Walls with Stencil Art


Stenciling is a technique that can be used to reproduce decorative designs on many surfaces, including household walls. If you want to customise your walls, you can order stencils featuring an image, or written message that carries a personal meaning. Or, with a little know-how, you can even create your own. Have fun!


Rejuvenate Your Fireplace


An old, dilapidated fireplace can seriously hurt your home’s appeal. If your fireplace has seen better days, you don’t necessarily need to replace it outright. Simply retiling or repainting it may be all that’s needed to turn back the years. What’s more, this project provides the perfect opportunity for you to adapt the fireplace area to your personal tastes.

Repaint the Exterior Walls


Repainting the exterior walls is a great way to leave your mark on your brand new home. If the existing colour scheme doesn’t suit your tastes, feel free to opt for something completely different. In the majority of cases, you don’t need planning permission for this project. However, you should bear in mind that if your property is listed (or situated on designated land), additional rules may apply.


Enliven Your Walls with Brilliant Artwork


Do you have an appreciation for fine art? Then why not turn your home into a gallery and showcase some of your favourite prints or original pieces on the walls of your new abode? A collection of thought-provoking artwork can be enjoyed at any time and is sure to inspire many interesting conversations with visiting friends and family.


Of course, if you happen to invest wisely, your collection’s value could grow over time, earning you a lucrative profit in the years to come.

Make Your Home Stand Out with a Bespoke House Number Plate


Adding a custom house number plate is yet another way you can stand out from your neighbours – and will also help couriers and other visitors find your place with ease! When it comes to the design, you can commission a bespoke plate in wood, marble, glass, or almost any material you desire. For the defining touch, you may also wish to have the plate engraved with the name you have chosen for your new house.


Introduce Plant Life to Lift the Mood


A selection of thoughtfully-placed house plants can enliven any living space. Aside from adding a little personality to your home, plants also have mood-boosting properties that can lift your spirits throughout the day.


In return, all they ask is to water them at the intervals indicated on their labels. If you think you might struggle with the upkeep, artificial plants are an ideal, maintenance-free alternative.


Expand Your Horizons with a ‘Wall of Books’


If you’re a voracious reader, why not create your very own wall of books to showcase your literary collection? If you have a smaller collection, affixing a few small shelves to a wall may suffice. However if you’ve amassed an extensive range of tomes, you may need to consult with a trusted carpenter and commission a bespoke wall-mounted bookshelf.


Change Up Your Kitchen Cabinets


If you’d like to refresh your tired kitchen cabinets, treating them to a fresh coat of paint may be the best place to start. Providing their overall condition isn’t too bad, this should be enough to improve their looks, whilst adding that all-important personal touch.


When it comes to the finish, bear in mind that wood-stained cabinets are in fashion at present. Where colours are concerned, you can’t go wrong with a cooler tone such as grey, white or blue. If your kitchen units are beyond repair, your best option is to start anew and replace them outright.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful. You should now have plenty of ideas for how to put your own stamp on your new property. No matter what you decide on, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your home personalisation endeavours.

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