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Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Kitchen | 0 comments

You Can Do WHAT With Cooking Oil?

You Can Do WHAT With Cooking Oil?

You probably have canola, cottonseed, sunflower, olive, palm or coconut oil at home already. Cooking oil is great for frying food, but did you know it can solve some of the stickiest household problems? Here are some ways that cooking oil makes it easier to do everything from grating cheese to shoveling snow.

In the Kitchen

Most cooks know that cooking oil is a great way to season a new skillet. First wash and dry your skillet. Then rub a light coating of vegetable oil over the sides and surface. Now your seasoned skillet is ready for your culinary masterpiece. Did you know that the same technique can be used to repair nonstick pans? Pour a small amount of oil into the pan and use your fingers to rub the oil into the surface. Wipe away any excess oil and your nonstick surface is back.

Have you ever struggled to get the lid off a jar of honey or maple syrup? You don’t have to anymore. Simply rub a cooking oil soaked paper towel around the threads of the jar before you put the lid back on. No more struggles.

Grating cheese is a messy job that leaves you with big clumps and a hard to clean grater. Avoid the mess by lightly coating the grater with vegetable oil before you start. The oil makes it easier to grate and clumps are nonexistent. Cleaning up is easy, too.

Home and Garden

Lots of sticky little problems, and some big ones, can be solved with a little vegetable oil. Here are some of the best home problem solutions:

  • Do you have a sticky lock? Coat the key in cooking oil for a smooth ride.

  • A coating of cooking oil on the snow shovel makes snow slide right off and prevents hardened ice masses from sticking to the edge. Cooking oil on garden trowel makes the dirt slide off, too.

  • An oil soaked rag is perfect for cleaning your car. Bugs, pollen and dirt are no match against vegetable oil. Oil has the added benefit leaving a shiny, stick-free coating behind. Don’t use cooking oil on your windows, but it’s perfect for tires and hubcaps.

Beautiful Hair with Cooking Oil

Using cooking oil on your hair is like having a spa treatment at home. Coconut oil is an ideal pre-shampoo treatment. Before shampooing, place a small amount of oil in your palms and evenly distribute it throughout your hair. Shampoo, rinse and style your hair as usual. The oil balances your hair’s natural makeup, leaving it soft and shiny. You can also give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at home by massaging a half a cup of room temperature vegetable oil into your hair, letting it sit for a few minutes and then shampooing and rinsing. If you have split ends, use your fingertips to apply a spare amount of coconut oil to problem areas right before bedtime.


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