What To Expect From Your Removalist Company

Choosing the right removalist makes relocating one hundred times easier and much less stressful. If you haven’t moved offices or house very many times or are a first time user of a removalist service, you might not know what employing these people entitles you to or what to expect. So before you book your removalist for your next big move, here are some things you should quiz the prospective contractors on and some things you should check that you’re entitled to.

Friendly Service

Moving is a stressful experience. Professional removalists are aware of that. So, you can expect your removalists to be kind, understanding and always willing to help you with any questions you’ve got – before or on moving day. The last thing you want is for the removalists themselves to be unhelpful! If you have a reputable company moving company like Your Local Movers (click here for their website), they will be more than happy to accommodate any queries you’ve got and can make the whole home or office relocation process an absolute joy (almost!).

The Company Should Provide You References

You are entitled to see previous company references from the removalist you’re enquiring about. It’s the best way to make sure that they’re a decent, reputable company that will take care of your furniture in the move. If they refuse to provide you with any references, then you should definitely exercise caution.

A Quote That Shows ALL The Fees – Without Any Hidden Surprises

When you ask for a quote, they should provide all the fees and charges that could be applied to your service. Also, you should ask them about what would need to happen for any other additional charges to be added on to the bill. For example, who foots the bill if the move takes longer or if they need more staff than they originally thought. Know exactly what you’re getting into. This way, you’re totally across what the final bill will look like, in any scenario!

An Office With Customer Service Staff

If you’ve contacted a good removalist, you will be given more than just a time of arrival or just a mobile number. You should be given a number for an office and the name of the contact there. Reputable companies have offices with multiple staff and trucks, along with customer service staff available to take any questions you might have. If they don’t, well you might want to think twice about how experienced they are. Go with a reputable company that’s done removals time and time again – it’s worth the extra money to have peace of mind!

Moving your house or office can be a stressful experience. So, if you’ve decided to employ the services of a reputable moving company (there’s only so much a few muscly friends can do!), you should ask lots of questions and do your research, so you know what to expect. A good removalist will ensure the process is as stress free (and breakage free) as possible, so you can move into your new digs quickly and get to work!

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