Vinyl Plank flooring

Tired of how your house floors look all the time, dull and boring? Want to give a new look to your drawing room in a budget friendly way? Want to hide those pit and holes that are noticed nowadays in your bedroom floors. Well the solution to all those problems and to tickle your creative mind, Gohaus is here with its vinyl flooring. Exquisite in its design and with a lot better quality in all around the market, vinyl floors at Gohaus are the very best of them all.

Vinyl flooring can give your drawing room or dining room, the look that you always wanted. It can add beauty as well as value to any space in your home and make it glow with elegance. Installation of the vinyl sheets is quite easy too and cost effective as well. Once installed these look exactly like an original tiles floor. These come in various shapes and forms. These are the following:

  • Vinyl floor tiles

  • Vinyl plank flooring

  • VCT flooring

  • Sheet vinyl flooring and cove base.

  • Luxury vinyl flooring

  • Floating or interlocking vinyl flooring

These give you quite a number of options to redecorate your place with adding some innovative ideas of your own which can be put into reality with help of Gohaus.

Check out more vinyl flooring colors and options that are available in our website It can give you an idea about how you want to redesign and redecorate your home and choose accordingly from the large variety of options that you have at Gohaus.

At Gohaus we talk to engineers as well interior designers to bring out the best product for you. We continuously research with our products and get them approved from top designers in the country so that your house looks the best. And as we all understand beauty in itself is not all. Quality matters too. Therefore we do not compromise a penny on this feature too.

Our products are wear and tear resistant and come with long durability. Once installed it can last for quite long periods. With all kids playing, or shifting furniture a lot of them tend to wear out, but not ours. We give you the very best.

They also come with the best finish and glaze that would be just perfect for your interiors. And obviously with varied range of colour and textures to suit every house. Our website has all the information that you would require to select for your home. Every single house is unique in its own way and has to be decorated innovatively to bring out its best look. Gohaus offers you innumerable options to settle the floors of your house with vinyls. We also have our own panel of interior designers and advisers who can help you out with the flooring or what will go best with what. You can check out more vinyl flooring colour and options at our store too.

So all the very best for a brand new home!

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