Turn Your Bathroom into a Contemporary Haven

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend a lot of time in there, whether we’ve settled into the bath or we’re walking in and out as we get ready in the morning. It should be a place in which we enjoy spending time, not just a functional space that we have to use. Some people like to go for a classic look in their bathroom, with period features such as a claw-foot bathtub. But if you’re more of a modern person, you might prefer a contemporary design. Try some of these ideas to create a new image for your bathroom that you’ll love.

Fresh and contemporary Colours

To keep everything looking modern, it’s a good idea to start with choosing your colours. Monochrome black and white is a classic choice for a contemporary look, but you could go with other neutral colours too. Greys and whites can create a cool effect, especially when combined with stone tiles or surfaces. However, if neutral colours aren’t for you, you could make the bathroom modern by using brights instead. Go for something unexpected by using striking hues that pop.


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Lighting Ideas

The lights you choose are critical to the design of your modern bathroom. If the room is too dark, you might not get the effect you’re looking for. Plenty of light is what you need to create a contemporary bathroom, and you should choose modern fixtures too. There are lots of options for modern bathroom lighting for ambient and functional uses. As well as choosing up-to-date designs, you can make sure you’re using the latest technology. You could install dimmer switches, use LED lights and more for a more modern bathroom.

Bathroom Gadgets

People are using technology more than ever all over the house. The bathroom is another area where you’ll find plenty of gadgets to play with to make the experience more enjoyable. You could install a bathroom sound system so you can listen to relaxing music in the bath or shower. You could also have smart scales that send information to your phone, a water monitor to help you save water or even a mirror that hides a TV or becomes interactive.

Freestanding Tubs

One of the items that can make a bathroom look more contemporary is a freestanding bathtub. Although people also use them for period bathrooms, they can look thoroughly modern too. A bath that’s connected to the wall can look out of date and dull. You can think about the shape of the tub too, which makes a significant difference to how modern it looks.

Artwork and Embellishments

Instead of leaving your bathroom plain, you can add some decoration to make it look more sophisticated. Some people will go as far as adding a seaside theme, but don’t bother with much more. You could add some modern prints or some plants to give your bathroom some greenery.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look outdated and tired. If you want a more stylish room, you can give it a contemporary look using lots of different ideas.

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