Top Tips On Taking Care Of A Wool Throw Or Blanket

Anyone who has owned one will attest to just how great a wool throw or blanket is in comparison to a synthetic variant. Wool’s natural properties make it breathable yet warm, and keep away all manner of unwanted bacteria elements. Buying a wool throw from a shop such as The Wool Room therefore will give you that extra level of security and comfort.

The obvious downside of a wool throw is in taking care of it however. That is, until you read this handy guide and realise it’s not all that difficult when you think about it.


Follow these handy tips and you’ll have a woollen throw that lasts a life time, and you’ll never take another look at a synthetic blanket again.

If Only I Read The Label!

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. A favourite item of clothing shrunken to Barbie and Ken size due to simply failing to read the instructions. Your wool throw is just the same and your first port of call when looking at how to care for your throw should always be the label.

Wash And…Shrunk

First things first, whatever you do don’t stick your wool product in the wash, and then go off to do some other chore. Wool is delicate! Treat it like a princess and it will pay you back the same courtesy keeping you cosy and warm for many years.

Heat and wool do not mix and if you put your throw on a normal wash, the chances are it’ll only be good for a doll. Ok, that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but it will certainly shrink quite considerably.

Use The Wool Setting

Thankfully, many washing machines now have a wool setting, or at least a cool water setting that will a lot more beneficial for your wool items. Said machines will also typically include a low spin function for your wool items.

If you don’t have such a setting the cold water option is your friend. If all else fails, a container full of cold water and mild detergent may be your only option. Sorry but sometimes wool products need that little extra leg work to keep them up to scratch.

If you’re going down the hand wash route you’ll also need to make sure you rinse the throw at the same kind of temperature. It may take more than one rinse to get the soap all out, so keep that in mind.

Delicate And Mild Detergents Only

Looking after your wool items also involves using special laundry detergents too. Look for special products designed exclusively for wool washing or at least for at a minimum for delicate washing.

The Last Steps

Dry your washed throw outdoors if possible, otherwise a clothes horse, towel bar or bannister are your best options.

Some might encourage you to dry it by laying it out flat where possible, to keep it in shape. However be careful that too much exposure to the sun, whichever way you opt to dry your wool blanket will eventually lead to the colour being bleached.

Once washed you just need to store your wool throw (if you have more than one) in a place away from dampness and pesky moths.

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