Top Cleaning Advice from the Experts for Your Granite Worktop

You have a granite worktop and want to make sure it is taken care of for years to come – it’s a beautiful item to have in the kitchen, after all, and provides hours and hours of practical advantage as well as allowing you to cook and prepare meals in style. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to cleaning advice, however; how do you ensure the granite kitchen worktop stays that way for decades? The secret lies in understanding the properties of the material, granite, and what should be done and what should not be done. The good news: maintenance should neither be expensive nor labour-intensive; it can be economical and quick. Here’s top cleaning advice from the experts for your granite worktop.

What exactly is granite?

Granite is a natural stone – due to its properties, it has been popular since ancient times in bathrooms and kitchens. Although it is a very hard, tough, and strong stone, it has a drawback: it is porous, which means that spills of vinegar, wine, and other liquids will eventually creep into the stone given enough time; this can lead to permanent damage.

Things to do

There are certain things you should really do to make sure your granite worktop stays in excellent condition for a long time. Here are some recommendations:

  • Make sure your kitchen countertop is sealed. This will make the surface not only nice and shiny, providing it with a polished look, but it will also add a layer of protection to the worktop and prevent spills from seeping in. Here’s a simple test: put a few drops of water on the granite worktop. If the drops bead up, it’s properly sealed; if not, you may need resealing done.

  • Whether your worktop is properly sealed or not, make sure you wipe up any spills immediately.

  • Use warm water, a mild soap and a soft cloth for daily wiping, as recommended by granite worktop London specialists from J.R. Stone.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid scratching

  • Avoid heated objects

  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Your home-made solution

Usually a mild soap in hot water will do – for better disinfecting, use the following home-made solution: mix water and isopropyl alcohol in a 50-50 solution for better cleaning.

You can use specialised cleaning products, of course, if you feel that specialised products may provide you with an easier time, or if you think they deliver better quality. However, remember that some of these products are nothing more than a marketing gig. Make sure the manufacturer of your granite kitchen worktop approves (or even endorses) the cleaning product before you decide to use it. You have a beautiful kitchen worktop, and you want to ensure you can enjoy it for years and years to come.

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