Tips for Establishing Mood through Lighting

The lighting in your home can bring together all the elements of your design and style. This part of interior design is often neglected by homeowners, but when it is done right it can make all the difference to how your home feels and looks. A room which contains beautiful furniture, paintings and a great colour scheme can come across as dingy with poor lighting. If a room has too many light sources or different types of lighting then it can become too bright and uncomfortable to sit in. However a room which is well lit can enhance the atmosphere and accentuate certain parts of the d├ęcor, and this is what you want to achieve from your lighting.


Wall and Ceiling Lights


Before you begin decorating and furnishing it is a wise idea to make a plan for the lighting in each room. This will include establishing how many light sources are required in each room along with the type. Different lighting types serve different purposes, so, to decide what types of lighting you need you will want to think about what the purpose of the room is and what it will contain. A living room with artwork can benefit from using wall lights, as these help to highlight certain parts of the room and leave others in the dark. This creates tone and atmosphere. Ceiling lights work best in the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas where you want the entire space to be illuminated and bright.


Add to your Interior Design Style


As well as ceiling and wall lights there are then floor and desk lamps as well. It is important that you do not add too many lamps as this can very easily cause a room to become too bright and have too many sources of light, but you may want a few around the house for reading areas. In addition, all of these light sources can come in an enormous range of styles to help add to your interior design. For the biggest range of beautiful designer wall lights, flush ceiling fittings, chandeliers, floor lamps and designer table lamps it is best to shop at a lighting superstore. This includes places like Scotlight Direct and others, where you will be able to find lighting for your entire home.


It takes careful planning and consideration to get the lighting just right. When done successfully it will enhance the look and atmosphere of your entire home.

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