Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet for 2014

The feeling of carpet beneath your feet is one that we relate to rest and relaxation. At the end of a busy day, one of the first things we do is remove our shoes and let our feet breathe and rest. The carpet adds to our comfort level. We walk on it, we sit on it, children lie and play on it, and often our pets get in on the action, too.


A carpet is an expensive purchase, so it’s something you want to get right. Thankfully, buying a carpet is also not a frequent activity. We expect them to last for many years, often a couple of decades. This is where the problem lies. The pattern and style you buy need to be able to fit in with modern design but also be able to adapt to the future designs of your home in the years to come. Making the right decision now will save you from many years of disappointment and regret, so use the following tips to ensure that you get it right.

Budget for the Padding

Underlay is essential, so don’t skimp on it just to save a few pennies. The padding beneath the carpet will add to the luxurious feel and cushioning. It’s not all about comfort, though. Padding helps to lengthen the lifespan of any carpet you might pick, reducing the risk of wear and tear over the years. The underlay also acts as extra insulation, helping to reduce those costly energy bills when the colder weather arrives.

Pick a Timeless Style

Trends are great, but it’s not a good idea to buy a carpet based on a fad. If you do want to ensure that your room will look contemporary as the years move on, pick something that is timeless, like a little black dress in your wardrobe. Some of the timeless options to consider include a Persian carpet if you want texture and warmth or something plain in a neutral tone.


There are so many colours available out there, and picking the right one is probably one of the hardest decisions you’re going to make. Think about the way you use the room you’re buying the flooring for and the type of emotions you want to feel (creative in the office, relaxed in the living room, romantic in the bedroom, social in the dining room). Keep this in mind when contemplating tones and shades. Cool blues and greens promote calmness and serenity, golds and warm reds help to create a cosy feel, and lighter colours are ideal for making smaller rooms in the home feel bigger than they are.

Consider Picking a Rug

You may find the best option is to choose a rug rather than wall-to-wall carpeting. The rug will still be present, so you’re able to enjoy a soft and warm underfoot experience, and they are easily replaced. You also have the option of using the rug in another room in the home and enjoying the look of a hardwood, tile, or stone floor at the same time.

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