Tips and Tricks from Professional Painters That Most People Don’t Know About

If you are thinking about taking on home painting as a DIY project, it helps to know a few tricks of the trade that can dramatically improve your results. If you have never done this kind of work before, you are better off hiring a professional Calgary painter so you don’t have to risk getting the project done a fresh if something goes wrong. In any case, there are a few tips from professional house painters that are worth keeping in mind as you work on your project.

Use Paint Extender

One of the most frustrating things is to finish a long painting job only to see brush and lap marks on the new coat of paint. Professional painters mix paint conditioner or paint extender with the paint. Brush marks occur when you paint over an area that has already dried while lapping occurs due to uneven paint. These products help to extend the drying time and even out the paint to avoid these common issues. Pain conditioner or extender is especially useful when painting doors, cabinets and other woodwork.

Use a Canvas Drop Cloth

Don’t use your old bedsheets to cover your floor surface if you value your flooring. Professional painters use canvas cloths for a reason. Bedsheets and other thin materials allow paint to seep through and reach your floor. Plastic may prevent the paint from reaching the floor but it doesn’t entirely solve the problem. Since the paint doesn’t dry easily on plastic, you are more likely to step on therefore spread it to other areas of the house. A canvas drop cloth is the best solution.

Sand the Wall before Painting

Many professional painters joke about being general contractors rather than simply painters. This is because of the amount of sanding they have to do on woodwork, walls and other surfaces. Sanding is necessary to remove blemishes on the wall including ridges and patches. These wall blemishes leave rough sports and blurs if simply painted over. The reason why professional painters achieve such as smooth and high-quality result has a lot to do with the initial prep work before painting.

Paint One Wall at a Time

One amateur mistake that people make when painting a house is to begin with the trim and corners before going back to rolling. It may seem easier and faster but the paint doesn’t blend together well. Professional painters work with one wall at a time and don’t proceed until the wall is finished.

These are just a few tips from professional painters to help you along with your project. You may want to seriously think about hiring a professional painter. It is clear that there is a lot you might not know about a professional paint job.

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