Tidy House, Tidy Mind – How De-Cluttering Can Help Achieve Your Life Goals

Many of us spend a great deal of time and money renovating our homes, changing the color of our walls, buying new furniture and trendy appliances, or stocking up on all kinds of solutions to organize our stuff.

But we sometimes need to store our items away from the home. Places like storage west Los Angeles has plenty of storage facilities you can check out. However, we also often forget or forego a simple and important approach to breathing a new and fresher look to any room or space: decluttering.

Why declutter?

Maybe you’re wondering, why should I declutter and get rid of my stuff when I can just organize or reorganize instead? Unfortunately, having all that clutter housed in extra boxes, drawers, or closets won’t make a room, workspace, or kitchen look less messy, or chaotic. In fact, all the additional bulk only makes things look even more cluttered.

By decluttering and getting rid of the stuff you don’t use or need anymore, you are creating more space so you can properly organize and redecorate your home or working space.

More importantly for some behaviorists and life coaches, decluttering can be an emotional activity that can lead to major life changes. They say that we all keep all these items for a variety of reasons, with “just in case a need comes for this in the future” and “sentimental value” being some of the most common. Therefore, when we have a major household clear-out, they say that we also do an evaluation or re-evaluation of our lives, and when we decide to throw something away, we also get rid of all the emotions and connotations that may be keeping us from moving on in certain aspects of our lives.

Emotional purging or otherwise, decluttering is something that has to be occasionally done so we can welcome new and better things in our homes and lives.

Decluttering dos

Home improvement magazines and websites are great at coming up with all kinds of tips and creative ways to help people declutter their homes and work spaces. Some of these tips include going through each and every room in your house and making lists of what you need or don’t need.

Also, you don’t always have to throw things away – consider doing the Four-Box Method, where you bring four boxes in a room you’re set to declutter: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Others also suggest rummaging through your closets first and sorting out your clothes to see which ones you’re not using anymore.

Decluttering don’ts

Now that you know what you should do or what you can try, there are a number of things to avoid when decluttering the house. Some of the suggestions are really simple, like organizing your belongings first before buying storage items and supplies, or avoiding dedicating the entire day just to organize the entire house only to do the job half heartedly, or focusing more on the look of the room or storage spaces than focusing on the solutions that actually works properly.


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