Things to consider when choosing plumbing and heating company

In an emergency, is there really anything worse than having to trawl through reams of plumbers on Google? Whether your bathroom pipes have burst, your heating has packed in, or your dripping faucet is driving you mad, plumbing and heating problems can be the thing of nightmares!

With this in mind, you need to enlist the assistance of a reliable, trustworthy plumbing company. You want them safely stored in your phone contacts, complete with the peace of mind that they’re accessible, flexible, and on hand whenever you need them most.

Yet, just how can you be sure you’ve picked a good plumber rather than an initially-convincing cowboy?

8 traits of a top plumbing company

Let’s not leave your plumbing company selection down to fate and a dash of good luck. When hiring plumbers, or any other skilled tradesperson, it’s always best to make an informed decision. There are some typical telling traits that all good plumbers share:

  1. Family and friends recommend them

Sure, not everyone’s loved ones live locally, but if they do and they recommend a plumbing company, the chances are it is one that you can trust.

  1. Their information can be found easily

This may seem obvious, but there is nothing more dubious than a hard-to-reach plumbing and heating company. Extra points if they have a website that is up, running, and brimming with useful, trade-specific information.

  1. They are Gas Safe registered

Anyone who works on your plumbing or heating must hold the appropriate qualifications. Check that they deliver Gas Safe registered services. Going with a plumbing company, rather than an individual, should guarantee this level of experience.

  1. Any fees are transparent

Don’t be duped into paying unnecessary call out fees or additional charges for suspicious miscellaneous tasks. A good plumbing company will always provide transparent figures surrounding their service costs.

  1. Completed work is guaranteed

You want to know that any work carried out will be completed to a superlative standard. Guarantees on workmanship give a little extra reassurance.

  1. The business is insured

All legitimate plumbers and plumbing companies will hold comprehensive public liability insurance. Accidents do happen, so it’s good to know they’ve got things covered if things take a turn for the worst.

  1. Services don’t stop at sundown

Incidents in the home can occur at any time, day or night. They like to surprise on Christmas Day too! Experienced plumbers will know this to be true, and will offer round-the-clock services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  1. They keep their expertise local

It may be tempting to go with a big name plumbing and heating company. Despite carrying a household name, they are likely to cost more and take a lot longer to reach your home too. A local company will know your area well, and reach your house quickly in an emergency.

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