The weird and wonderful world of blocked drains

While your blocked drain is probably caused by the super common hair, grease or food or the slightly less common, but still standard sanitary products, nappies, baby wipes and even tree roots, there are hundreds of stories about truly unusual items being found clogging up drains around the world. As the experts in blocked drains, we like to think we could tackle anything that clogs up a drain, but there are definitely a few things that would even stump us. These are some of our favourite weird and wonderful things found blocking drains.



In Bridgnorth, a small town not too far from Birmingham, England, there was a case of major blocked sewer affecting several homes that was caused by more than a few pairs of underwear that had been flushed down toilets nearby.


Now, here’s one that would definitely have us shaking in our boots! The alligator and crocodile living in the sewer story has been a myth for generations, but in 2006, a particularly large alligator was found trapped in a Texas pipe. It had hit a part of the drain that was narrower and became stuck. That’s one job we wouldn’t be rushing to!

Jaw Bone

In Edmonton, Canada, a jaw bone about the size of an adult human hand had to be dislodged from the sewers. From all reports available, the animal belonging to the jaw bone still has yet to be identified.

Wrist bling

In Essex, England, a cleaner stumbled across an Omega, two Rolexes and a Franck Muller watch in a drain near the Chalkwell Railway Station. The watches combined were worth over $93,000! We wouldn’t mind stumbling across that kind of loot…

Winnie the Pooh

Although toy soldiers and action figures surface as blocked drain culprits occasionally, in 2013 a giant Winnie the Pooh toy was found lodged in a Scottish drain. It seems like someone may have taken the name ‘Pooh’ a little too literally in this instance.

Smart phones

It seems a lot of people may not have heard about putting your smart phone or tablet in a bed of rice to soak up the moisture, because the sheer amount turning up in sewers and drains across the world suggests that they must think it easier to just say goodbye to their expensive electronics instead of rescuing them in a bucket of rice.

Your pipes are quite narrow and designed to carry human waste, toilet paper and not much else, so take care when deciding what you flush down the toilet or push down the sink holes, as even the smallest things can cause major issues.

If you’re experiencing any blocked drainage in your home this season, it’s a great idea to get a local plumber in to check out what’s going on and ensure your house is safe .

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