The Tools That Every Gardener Should Have

If gardening is something you’ve been considering taking up as a hobby for a while now, but you never really knew where to begin or what you may need, worry no more! We’ve devised a useful list of essential gardening tools for every aspiring gardener to get them started on the path to success, as well as preventing you from spending an arm and a leg on fancy tools you may never even use!

The Basics

Starting out with the basics is the best way to start your gardening tool collection and ensure you have the right items to kick start your hobby. Starting with the following items to give you a range of tools that will help with almost any gardening task you want to carry out.

  • Soil Rake
  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Secateurs
  • Garden Fork

Staying Safe

Whilst gardening is relatively safe, it’s always a good idea to invest in some safety tools that will ensure you don’t hurt yourself in any way. You don’t have to spend too much money, but having the essential tools will help you to carry out your gardening tasks with ease. Gardening gloves are the first item on the list. They may seem like an obvious choice, but they make a huge difference to the way you do your gardening. They prevent the smallest of thorns from sticking in your thumb, enable you to keep your hands relatively clean and also help when using tools that may be a little harsh after holding onto them for a while. Next up you have the trustworthy knee saver. A knee saver is a soft pad that you place underneath your knees when knelt down planting or digging, that prevents your knees from becoming tired or sore. They’re also ideal for preventing any grass stains on your trousers too! Finally, a gardening hat and apron are essential safety items. There’s nothing worse than having a branch catching your hair or scratching your face, and wearing a protective hat, will ensure this doesn’t happen!

Storage and Preparation

You then have the tools that help you keep organised and get prepared for any gardening tasks you want to undertake. One of the most obvious storage devices is a trusty gardening toolbox. Both small and handy, toolboxes are ideal for carrying your tools from one part of the garden to the other, however, they don’t always store all items as some gardening tools can be quite large. For the items, you can’t keep safely stored in your toolbox, investing in a garden shed is always a good idea. The benefits of a garden shed don’t just stop at gardening, you can also use one to store items through the winter, to prevent them from damaging, as well as children’s toys or sports equipment!

As far as preparation goes, there’s only one trustworthy tool you’ll need to help you with your day-to-day jobs. A potting bench. Potting benches are ideal for preparing your plants, soil, tools and so on, and they also add a beautiful touch of character to your garden too. There are many different styles when it comes to a potting bench, so choosing a style that will work well for your garden is best.

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