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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Decor | 0 comments

The Pleasure In Home Decor

The Pleasure In Home Decor

To some of you, decorating your home is a sort of nightmare.  It doesn’t have to be.  If you use your imagination, you will find that there are many different exciting ways to develop the look that you envision for your home.  Here are a few nudges in the right direction towards true exploration and beautiful home decor.


Cruise Ship Auctions


Park West Gallery is a well known host of over a hundred cruise ship art auctions a year.  Why not take the family on vacation and come home with a fine piece of art?  This option would certainly add more entertainment than simply touring a stationary gallery.  Also, your vacation can be transformed into a generational investment with the purchase of that perfect piece!


Window Treatments


A little less exciting, but a whole lot less expensive… consider do it yourself window treatments for your home.  Every window in your home can become a family art project.  Then, by taking pictures of the special moments created, you could create a collage for your walls.  A couple examples of some do it yourself ideas are listed below:


  1. Take old plain white linen curtains from your kitchen and paint solid highlight lines in a bold color.  This will brighten up your kitchen while maintaining a clean vintage feel.

  2. Use door knobs as tie backs for your curtains.  An unsuspected object draws intrigue and interest.

  3. Transform your vanilla white curtains into elegant works of art with stencils.  This way, you can draw out whatever design you prefer and transfer it to your window treatments.


Explore Color

Start small and experiment in a bathroom, a small hallway, or an accent wall.  Make note of the lighting in the area you choose to paint and choose colors that flow well with the mood of the room.  Also, you can use different types of paint finishes on opposing walls to create a tactile element in your space.  For example, you could finish one wall in a semi-gloss paint, and the other wall with an eggshell finish.  Texture and warmth often come hand in hand so be decisive on the feeling you intend to induce.

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