The Energy Efficient Change That Will Save Homeowners Money

Opening up a hydro bill and feeling dismayed is a common situation for homeowners living in the province of Ontario — this feeling gets worse during the winter and summer when hydro costs go through the roof. If homeowners want to stop dreading their hydro bills, they can renovate their windows and doors to conserve energy and save their money in the long-run.

Many homeowners are unaware of how much energy they waste on a day-to-day basis, especially when it comes to heating and cooling their home. If the property is not properly insulated or not affixed with high-quality entrances, air leaks will ruin the indoor temperature. This can happen with cold air disrupting the heat from the furnace during the winter and with humid air disturbing the air conditioning during the summer. Windows and doors are a major reason for overall home heating and cooling loss — they are to blame for approximately eighteen to twenty percent of the average house’s air leakage. This is not just an uncomfortable nuisance because air leaks cause homeowners to waste more energy, which they will pay for with steep hydro bills.1

Homeowners can fix this expensive problem by removing their old windows and entrance doors and then installing energy-efficient replacements. These can be provided by a company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors because they strongly value energy-efficiency for their customers. They offer premium products and professional installation services, along with helpful advice on their official website. Builders, renovators and homeowners should visit the Casa Bella Windows & Doors Blog to find out all the ways that they can prevent heat loss and energy waste.

Here are some essential tips to follow in order to stop drafts from entering a property:

  • Window replacements should be Energy Star approved and Health Smart certified.
  • Windows should be equipped with vinyl frames because vinyl is a moisture-resistant and insulating material.
  • Windows should be made with low-emissivity glass for superior energy-efficiency.
  • Entrance doors should be made of fiberglass or steel because these materials are known for their thermal retention.
  • All windows and doors should be installed and sealed by experienced professionals to prevent gaps and leaks.

Switching to energy-efficient entrances will have an immediate impact on a homeowner’s personal finances. According to the CIBC, this energy-saving home renovation will cause hydro bills to be reduced from up 10 to 15 percent if every single window and door is replaced. This change will be especially noticeable during the winter and summer months when the costs typically spike because of harsh weather. Homeowners in Ontario can also benefit from the Green Ontario Fund if they get energy-efficient renovations for their property — the program offers rebates for energy-efficient home improvements like window replacements.

The price of window and door installations may seem like a lot, but the initial cost will be quickly countered by the savings in hydro bills and the rebates offered by provincial programs. The renovation is a significant investment that will end up saving owners plenty of money while increasing the comfort of their home.

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