The best flower for garden design

The perfect flower garden designs include various types of blooms, with long-living perennials, short-term mixed with ornamental grasses, seasonal bulbs, beautiful annuals and vines. Before starting your flower garden design, you should know how diverse garden plant types make in the garden, what they can provide for texture and colour, and their limitations.

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You can choose your preferred design after having an overview of how some shades flowers that grow attractively even without a lot of sunlight:

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley plants are one of the most aromatic flourishing plants in the early summer and spring throughout the northern temperate zone. This easy-care plant doesn’t need much to bloom. They grow very well and can also adapt to full sun or full shade. It just depends on the amount of humidity it receives.

Alpine Forget-Me-Not

The alpine forget-me-not does well in the sun. It needs a gritty soil that holds humidity. This type of flower grows well in rock gardens, or crevices and scree gardens.

Jacob’s Ladder

Like it is usually said, Jacob’s Ladder flowers are the real attraction. This plant is a hearty perennial one, but it will spread by seed. Generally, Jacob’s Ladder flowers bloom in late spring/early summer. The early blossom will last for about 2 to 4 weeks. Also, it blooms about the same time as many Brunnera, Bleeding Heart and alliums.

Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s seal plant is a must have in every garden. These plants prefer humid, well-draining soil that is rich. Caring for a Solomon’s seal is quite easy. The soil needs to be kept consistently moist. Also, you won’t have any disease or insect issues with this plant. You will notice them growing by rhizomes in the garden.

Anemone Blanda Blue

This flower is also known by the name of winter windflower. Anemone Blanda Blue flourishes in partial shade. Having this beautiful purply-blue, daisy-like flowers will only add a festive touch to your patch.


These are good groundcover flowers for deep shade, with dark green plants dotted with white. In early spring, bunches of funnel shaped plants open pink and then transform blue.

Tuberous Begonias

These flowers are common for their variety, coming in pink, salmon, white, yellow, orange, or red blooms. Tuberous begonias blooms during the summer. It thrives in shady spots where several other plants and showy flowers can grow.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to gardening, hopefully the above flowers can make your garden design stunning. The best thing is to choose which one you would prefer. If you have a big garden, then why not include all? Regardless of the selected plants, your garden will surely shine with one of the above flowers!

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