Sprucing up Your Home with Some Quick and Simple Touches

Does your home need a bit of a makeover? If you don’t have the time or the money to completely redecorate, you would be surprised at how much difference you can make with just a few simple decorative touches around the home.

Do you want to have your home look as good as though it had just been decorated? Well, you don’t need to fork out all that money; you can achieve this look frugally, too. Go around your house room by room, making a few changes. You will be stunned at how vastly improved it looks when you’re done. These are just some of the things you could do to your home.

Living Room
There are plenty of simple touches you can make to your living room to get it looking fantastic. Tired of your sofas? Throws or blankets over the backs of old sofas or armchairs can make them look like new. If you’re going for a cottage look, try draping a patchwork quilt over the back of your chairs. Cushions can also make a big difference. Not only will they make your seating more comfortable, they’ll make it look great, too. On a light coloured sofa bold, block-coloured cushions look great. If you’re feeling more exotic, try some patterned cushions -for instance, something with an ethnic design. If you’re bored of the colour scheme and you have white or cream walls, try painting just one wall an eye catching colour.
Kitchens can start to look outdated pretty quickly. Sometimes, however, all they need is a bit of a spruce up. Try replacing the hardware on your cabinets and drawers. This can give kitchen units a completely new look. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you could give your cabinets a lick of paint. Chalk paints in colours such as olive green or eggshell blue can give your kitchen a fashionable vintage appeal. You could even try stencilling some designs along the tops or bottoms of the units.
In the bathroom, it is really simple to make changes to freshen it up. Even just replacing your bath mat and shower curtain can make all the difference and turn your bathroom from grotty to great. Try hanging a new mirror, perhaps with an interesting shape or design. Little touches in the bathroom can really make it look amazing. Add some simple decorative touches, such as interesting seashells, lanterns, or bottles filled with coloured sand on the shelves. If you want these decorative items to also be functional, try finding some toothbrush holders or other storage items with fun or chic designs.

There are so many ways of quickly and easily improving your home. Just very simple touches can turn shabby into chic. Remember that one of the best ways of making your house look great is to keep it neat and free from clutter. So don’t just leave those¬†Vax hoover spares¬†lying around, be sure to de-clutter your space.

Karen Heaney is an expert in home ddcor. She frequently pens home and design articles for many established websites and blogs. Heaney believes in being frugal around the home, for instance by getting Vax hoover spares instead of buying a whole new vacuum machine.

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