Spark Your Dining Room Back to Life

A recent report in the British press suggested that five out of ten homes now choose to have dinner in front of the television rather than in the dining room. And it is still on the increase! But despite these figures, more than eighty per cent of those that featured in the poll still believed that the dining room was still the best place for families to come together. The Bisto Together Project is on a campaign to get families sitting around the dining table for dinner more so here are a few ideas how to put the spark back into your dining room and make it more appealing for regular family meals.


Decorating such a focal room of the house with memories that you cherish will make you more likely to spend time in there. Just as a television provides entertainment and laughter, photos of your favourite memories will spark similar feelings while also being conversation provoking. Whether they are photos of family members or holiday snaps, they can become a great feature in your dining room. There are many shops on the high street as well as your local supermarkets that can print your best pictures on to large canvases, so you can spend your time in a room filled with your favourite memories.

The Dining Table

This the main focal point of the room. It has to be somewhere that you look forward to sitting at but also feel comfortable whilst there. Choosing the right one will always be a challenge so you have to factor in the right size table to fit your dining room. But the challenge is also to find something that is stylish enough to be the centre of your dining room for many years to come, but also be solid and reliable enough to last that long. This is why many people opt for wooden dining tables and chairs, because they fit both of these requirements.

Bright and Fresh

Keeping the room bright and fresh is a great way of making sure that everyone in the family actually wants to sit there. It always helps to have a dining room with a bit of a view whether that be a large window or some glass doors that open out to the garden. But sometimes this isn’t always available, so a great alternative to keep the room bright and fresh is to have flowers arranged and regularly replaced to keep that freshness in the room. After all, it has been claimed that house plants can help fight the common cold and also reduce stress!

Something Different

It is worth remembering that this is your dining room to plan, so make it unique and your very own. Whether that be adding a mini bar so you can entertain in your dining room as well as eat or a fish tank to add some nature to the room, it really has to suit you so don’t be afraid to add something a little bit different to make it so. The chances are, the more unique additions to the room, the more you will use the room. That is what matters so you can find that quality time eating with the family in a comfortable and stylish dining room once again.

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