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Sliding Glass Door Costs for 2018

Sliding Glass Door Costs for 2018

Sliding glass doors add function, utility, and style to many homes. Such doors are often used to provide access to a backyard area such as a patio or pool surround. Believe it or not, sliding glass doors can trace their origins to ancient Japan, where shoji screens (wood and rice paper panels) were used as interior elements to separate rooms. Today’s modern sliding patio doors are made from durable materials such as aluminum, wood, or vinyl-coated steel with insulated glass panels to prevent air leaks. They make a great addition to many homes, but many people have questions about these doors and the costs of installation.

How Much Does a Sliding Glass Door Cost?

Thinking about adding a sliding glass door to your home? It is important to understand some of the underlying costs associated with the purchase and installation of these architectural elements. In simple figures, a sliding glass patio door can range from surprisingly inexpensive – about $400 – or can run into thousands of dollars.

The most basic sliding glass door is a pair of 6-foot panels and the frame they slide within. This can cost as little as $300-400 to purchase. Bigger panels, such as 8-foot models, tend to be a bit more expensive, running on average between $700 and $1000. Things get more expensive when pre-hung sliding glass doors are selected. These consist of a modular system, requiring only a door opening in the exterior wall of the home. Pre-hung doors start around $1000 and can run up to $4000 or more, depending on style and features. Insulated multiple-thickness glass doors and impact-resistant models for areas that experience severe storm events can double the costs.

What Are Installation Costs?

It is vital to understand that the costs discussed above are for the doors themselves and that there are additional expenses for installation. Handy homeowners may wish to tackle the installation themselves to save a bit of money, but for a truly effortless installation, a professional sliding glass door company is a great idea. This is especially true for larger systems and custom pre-hung door assemblies, which can overwhelm the do-it-yourselfer. A licensed contractor can provide information on installation expenses, which may include structural upgrades to the exterior wall, locking systems, and finish work like painting and stucco repair to complete the job. Be sure and get multiple quotes to be sure you’re getting the best price and quality workmanship.

Other Costs to Consider

Security has long been an issue with sliding glass doors. Older models were susceptible to unwanted entry by lifting the door panels out of their frames. Modern doors can benefit from lock systems, including lock bars, floor-level deadbolts, and security bars. Of course, each of these systems add to the final price, usually about $100 to $200 for purchase and installation.

What about screen doors? Many homeowners wish to be able to open the sliding panels to let in breezes but keep bugs out. Adding a screen door to a sliding glass door is generally an easy task, but factor in $150-200 for this useful addition.

This article was written by Panda Windows and Doors, the leader in sliding doors, windows, and more.

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