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Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in Home exterior | 0 comments

Showcase your garage to make more money on your home

Showcase your garage to make more money on your home

When you want to sell your home, you need to cover all the bases in order to attract potential buyers, especially if you are moving to your new home in a short amount of time. This includes making the beds, staging rooms to look larger and lighter, as well as setting the table to showcase that it is possible to put six people around it, despite the fact it is small.

What people forget however, is that for some prospective buyers, the garage size or the fact your home has a garage can be a real selling point, so you should be showcasing and staging this space too. Often it is just left overlooked and brushed over with people assuming a car or storage will be inside it.


According to leading estate agents across the world, having a garage is becoming a more and more important component of a house. They provide added security for your car or items you store inside, additional space, and give the option of future development should your family grow in size. Add to this the fact that many local councils are now starting to charge people to park on the street, and a garage becomes even more of a valuable asset.

For this reason, the way you would tidy your kitchen and make it look inviting, you should clean your garage to the same standards. A well-organised and tidy garage not only tells the buyer that this house is well maintained and in good condition, but will also help to show how the space can be used for their items, should he or she be considering make an offer. You should not be treating it like a storage unit with boxes piled high and the inability to freely move or even open the door.


Great ways to stage your concrete garage include leaving a large enough space to fit in a car, actually showing a car inside with lots of moving space or to have clearly defined and organised sections for tools and devices. You may need to spend a little bit of money here, on some shelving or boxes, but it might be only a tenth of the extra money you will get because someone will offer for the house and will get you closer to your next dream adventure. If it has a light, make sure the bulb works as well so that you can really illustrate the size and scope of the area.


By tradition a garage may be more popular to the men of the household, although this is not always the case, so showcasing your concrete garage to appeal to a man with power tools might be a great way of enticing them to buy. If you ignore your garage when trying to sell your house, you are theoretically not appealing to around half the people who make the decision to buy.

So if you are looking to sell your home, remember to have a go at staging the garage as well. It could well be the one feature of the home that convinces the viewer to submit a bid.

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