Secrets from some of the top interior designers – Do they follow a rule book?

We wouldn’t like to break the news to you, but it is true that no interior designer follows any secret rule book. There are no strict rules which govern what the interior designers do. Designers are creative creatures and they love to dream, imagine and then explore their ideas, thereby following their intuition. With that said, there are some simple principles which guide them to make sure that the end result is always pleasing and incredible. They use tried and true things which work and they are not any skills or tricks which take long time to master. Anyone can follow them from day one.

There are times when we require a little bit of help with our homes. Regardless of the number of years we’ve lived in our houses, we all need a little bit of change from time to time so it breaks down the monotony of living in the same old room days after days. Our lives are always going through a change and this should also be reflected from the design of the space we live in. Changes might range from simple like buying a small new accessory to a bigger one like remodeling a portion of your home. Listed below are some of the secrets of some top interior designers to assist you in transforming the living space in accordance with your personality.

  1. Choose the colour of the paint at last: Interior designers usually get calls from the homeowners who wish to choose a paint colour first before they even move into the new house. They find it easier to move into a room with a fresh coat of paint but ideally this is something wrong. There is a wide array of options when it comes to paint colours and each colour looks different from one home to another as the sources of light vary. Wouldn’t you want a colour which best matches with the upholstery, rug and artwork of your room? Therefore it is always better to choose the paint colour at last.
  2. Give some breathing space to your furniture: Avoid the habit of overcrowding in a room as this makes your room look smaller. When it comes to gracious living, it means enough space to move in and out with ease. The room needs natural light, for this you can use glass roof lights to bring more light in to the room. If you’re someone who is working on a tight budget, this is sheer great news for you. Don’t fill up a lot of space with furniture. Spend more budget on fewer but higher quality pieces. The high-backed chairs usually stand out in the crowd and if you can add them, they don’t need to shout for attention.
  3. Know how to organize furniture on a rug: Keeping Persian rugs in a living room or a drawing room has become a very common phenomenon by most interior designers. Actually there are 3 ways in which you can organize furniture on your Persian rugs. If the rug is pretty big, you can put all the furniture legs on top of it as this gives you a luxurious feel. If the room is small, keeping the legs of the furniture off the rug would be a good choice. One more way is to just put the front legs of the seating pieces on the rug and then tie entire arrangement together to allow a feeling of openness.
  4. Have a focal point in your room: Just as there are supporting casts and leading roles in any production, the same also holds true in the field of interior designing. Choose the star of your room and make it the focal point. Allow all the other objects to take a secondary role and don’t make the mistake of offering the leading role to every item in the room as that will become visually unpleasant. Whatsoever it might be, your focal point should have a dramatic impact on the room.
  5. Edit all collectibles: Don’t have the urge to hang on to things which don’t fit into your room. Don’t care even if someone very close gave that to you. If it is not working with the look and feel of your room, just cut it off. Let it find a new home for itself. Use dark colours when you want to regain the balance between the furniture and the artwork. Remember that the balance should always be perfect. Remind yourself of the quote of Coco Chanel which said that before you leave your house, look into the mirror at last and take a thing off. You should know what to stop and what to add.

When you have some set guidelines, you can get a good starting point for decorating your house even when some among them are not practical. Opt for something personal which adds a smile to your face and which is comfortable.

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