Say Goodbye To The Bed Bugs- It’s Time For Extermination!

It is observed that bed bugs become a problem for households in places in North America. Bed bugs are very tiny insects that need a safe and warm environment to live and breed. That’s why they keep searching for a house, as a single home has so many places that are perfect for the bed bugs to live and breed and reproduce. They are usually found in the narrow cracks in the house, crevices, and also at small holes and corners. They are not like the other small pest but they feed on human blood. Their only need is safe shelter and blood to live and reproduce so that they can increase their population too.

It is very important to know what bed bugs look like as they are very small and can be hidden in different places. It is important to know the appearance of the bed bug so that we can differentiate them from other pests and can contact top-rated bed bug control and take the prevention step accordingly.  If we talk about the appearance of the bed bugs, then they are of the shape and size of a watermelon seed. Their main diet is human blood, their appearance will be more reddish than brown. Male bed bugs have pointed abdominal and females have rounded abdominal.

What brings bugs into your house?

The main reason for the bugs in your house is travelling. When you go on vacation and your luggage gets in contact with the furniture, then the bugs get stuck on your bag and enter your house. They can also travel to rooms like in multi-story buildings and apartments. When you see bloodstains on the sheets or if you notice their shredded skins on the sofas or bed then it is confirmed that you have a bed bug problem. So it is very important to control the growth of these bugs in your house as it is dangerous for you and your loved ones.

Prevention of bed bugs

It is very important to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible as their main source of diet is human blood. So to take care of your family, the prevention of bed bugs should be your main concern. Here are some of the tips for the prevention of bed bugs:

  1. Covering the power outlets

At the time of infestation or extermination, cover all the power outlet holes as bed bugs use these holes to hide from the infestation and can be traveled from one place through these switch holes.

  1. Vacuum sealing of clothes 

If you doubt that there are bed bugs in your house, then you should pack your clothes in vacuum-sealed packets. This will prevent sticking these bugs on your clothes.

  1. Getting professional help

You should contact the pest control if the things are getting out of your hand. They will first examine the house and take the necessary steps and precautions to eliminate the problem.


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