Refresh Your Utility Room on a Budget

The utility room is a very important space within your home, giving you a dedicated area to focus only on washing and laundry without any distractions. It may be a space for daily chores and storing cleaning equipment, which isn’t the most appealing, but it can actually help your daily routine massively and have a huge impact on your home overall. Giving your utility room a good makeover will enable you to introduce some effective storage solutions, new appliances and other bits and pieces that will make your utility room ten times better.

Functional Layout

The main reason that utility rooms work so well in many homes today, is the ability to keep all of your laundry products and appliances in one space, freeing up valuable space in the kitchen. The layout of your utility room is essential in ensuring that you can get the very most out of the room. Think about what you want in your utility room, such as washing machine, tumble dryer, sink and so on. If you’re looking at introducing some additional storage to the utility room, whether that’s through shelving or kitchen units, then figure out which cupboards or shelves will work best and where, to ensure your utility room is functional and easy to use.

Essential Storage

One of the most important parts to any laundry room is the storage. Whilst the appliances are key features, having enough storage within your utility room will have a huge impact on the overall usability of the room. Open shelving is a great addition to a utility room due to the flexibility and appearance. Open shelving gives you the option to store items of any size, as well as allowing you to display items to give the room a little more character. Another very popular feature for the laundry room is kitchen units. This may seem like a strange feature for a utility room, however introducing kitchen units gives you both storage space and worktop space, perfect for carrying out laundry tasks as well as keeping all of your laundry essentials stored away neatly. Introducing a set of kitchen units doesn’t have to be an expensive task, you could look at investing in some second hand cabinets, or if you’ve had a renovation within your home and kept some old kitchen cabinets then you could add some replacement kitchen doors and spruce them up a little bit to give the laundry room a unique, fresh look.

Fresh Colours

Once you’ve established how your utility room will be set out, you can focus on how you want it to look. The aim of a utility room is to be freshen up your linen and carry out essential cleaning tasks. Introducing a bright, fresh colour scheme to your utility room will help create a motivating atmosphere and give the room the perfect feel. You can add bursts of colour into the room through detailing such as blinds, laundry baskets and so on, which will give the room a little more personality and enhance the fresh feel.

Key Items

Your utility room needs to be ready for any kind of laundry task you wish to carry out, therefore ensuring that its fully equipped with everything you need is key. Items such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, ironing board and folding section are the main essentials. You then have additional items such as a laundry basket and clothes horse that will help you to achieve your laundry tasks.

Finishing Touches

Just like any room in the home, your utility room reflects your personality and personal style. This therefore makes it really important to design your utility room the same way you would with any other room in the home, giving it a unique touch whilst keeping it consistent with the rest of your interiors. Adding finishing touches to your utility room gives the room added character and style, making it look smart and well-finished. Details such as artwork, delicate storage features such as stylish jars for your washing powder or clothes pegs and even some fresh flowers or candles will enhance the fresh feel of the room and make it feel like a room you want to do the laundry in.

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