Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Plumbing Fixes

A broken sink or a leaky faucet may seem harmless at first. However, if you give it enough time, it’ll turn into something more drastic.

For example, the drippings from the leaky faucet can accumulate and create a puddle of water in which mosquitoes can nest and breed. If not, then it’ll surely damage the surrounding fixture and cause to mould. And these are only minor consequences. The worst case scenario, it’ll rot an important wooden wall in the house and will damage it permanently.

To avoid grave repercussions, it’s best that you call Plumber Manly and address the issues as soon as possible.

1. Clogged Drain and Health Problems

This is usually caused by food particles and other materials that can obstruct the pipe and disturb the flow of water. This can easily be remedied by using your hand or a plumbing snake, which you can buy at any hardware store. However, if the drain is still clogged, then the problem may not be caused by stuck food particles. Have it checked by a professional plumber right away?

If not given an immediate solution, there’s possibility that your pipes will be permanently damaged. In which case, you’ll have to pay more in order to change them.

2. Leaky Bathroom and Damaged Fixtures

If you have a bathroom upstairs and there’s a leak in it, then the drops of water will affect the ceiling, the walls, and the floor of your house. Not only is this unhygienic and bad for the health, but it can also endanger the whole structure of your home. It’ll cause the ceiling, walls, and floor to gather moist. If the any of them is of wood, then there’s a high possibility that it will rot. The damage might even be extended to your valuables. In the end, you will not only worry about the leaky bathroom, but you also have to repair the fixtures and buy new furniture.

Luckily, this is a problem that only expert plumbers can solve. So when you notice the earliest signs of problems, contact one immediately.

3. Damaged Pipes and Increased Water Bills

When the pipes are damaged, the water will leak. While you can temporarily cover the hole and crack of the pipes with a cloth or teflon tape, it is not a long-term solution. You’ll still be able to notice a significant increase in your water bills due to the water leak.

In order to completely remedy the problem, you need to hire the plumbers nearest you. While you’re at it, ask them to completely assess your pipe lines.


Proper plumbing system can bring beauty and comfort to your home. After all, your kitchen and bathroom are your refuges for meals, baths, and relaxation. It’s only reasonable that you take good care of it. Hence, when you address the plumbing problem right after you notice it, you’ll minimise the gravity of the damage. You’ll be able to protect your family’s health, maintain the quality of your fixtures, and save money.

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