Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Living in Laval

There was a time when Laval was actually just farmlands. Take a tour of the city and you will still see lots of picturesque farms. Yet you’ll also behold many other spectacles that can convince you to live here. Even looking at real estate & homes for sale in Laval will entice you to buy a house here.

Following are some of the main reasons why people love living in Laval:

  1. It’s located on a big island. Laval is located in Île Jésus, which means there are awesome waterfront views in all directions.

  2. It has plenty of schools. This one of the most important reasons to live here if you have kids. Add up all the schools for primary, high school, and college and you have more than a hundred schools to choose from. You will certainly have no difficulty in finding a well-regarded academic institution for your young children. You also have the northern campus of the University of Montreal, as well as the Collège Montmorency.

  3. You don’t have to be rich to live here. A home here is much more reasonable than that same home in Montreal. If you have a bigger budget, you can also find luxury homes in Val des Brises and Laval-sur-le-Lac.

  4. Residential neighbourhoods are safe and peaceful. Many live in Laval even though they work in Montreal, because it’s just so relaxing here. Come home here, relax, and savour the quiet and the peace. Feel the stress leave you when you’re home and take a stroll in the safe streets.

  5. You’ll never be bored. It doesn’t mean you have to go back to Montreal to have a good time. The city is bustling with too many entertainment options to count, with lots of bars, restaurants, lounges, and play areas. There are plenty of golf courses too.

  6. Nature lovers will appreciate the green spaces. If you’re looking for parks, there are literally hundreds of options. The biggest of them is the Centre de la nature, with more than 50 hectares of bike trails and walking paths along with a lake for small boats. You can also get to the waterfront, where the parks have swimming pools and playgrounds to match the exhilarating views.

  7. Shoppers have endless options. Carrefour Laval is one of the biggest commercial centers in Quebec, and it’s right here in Chomedey, Laval. You can also visit Centre Duvernay and Centre Laval. With the high-end boutiques and large department stores can provide for your every shopping need.

  8. Centropolis is fantastic. You can find this colossal outdoor complex in central Laval, and it’s a safe bet you’ll keep coming back. It offers fashion boutiques, fitness centers, a movie theater, and restaurants during the day. When darkness comes, the complex somehow becomes even more alive with its nightlife.

  9. Foodies will enjoy the dishes. Fans of both fine dining and fast food won’t lack for options. There are several upscale restaurants here, while just about every fast food chain in North America is also represented. Then when you consider that it’s also a very multicultural city, you’ll discover many exotic dishes to tickle your palate.

  10. It’s near Montreal. Obviously, Montreal is a great city with even more entertainment options. So it’s a good thing that it’s very close to Laval!

If you want to get a bigger home for your family, Laval is a much better option all around. So It’s quieter in the residential neighbourhoods, the parks are relaxing, yet the island is filled with fun places and activities.

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