Making the Switch: Six Reasons You Should Invest in LED Lighting

Are you currently looking for ways to improve your home without breaking the bank? Whether you’re trying to save a few bucks, going green, or just looking for new ways to modernize your home, you’ll find that one simplistic solution could change it all – LED light bulbs. Such energy efficient lighting options can transform any living space providing high quality lighting and sophisticated design. While you may have only looked at LED lights as a source for commercial properties and outdoor lighting current technologies have improved them, making them an ideal choice for your home.

Still not convinced? Well here are six reasons why you may want to make the switch in the near future.

1.  LED Lights Outlast Traditional Lighting

Since LED light bulbs don’t have a filament that will break or burn out at some point, they can last more than 100,000 (an estimate of about eleven years) hours providing full brightness.  Essentially, they last twice as long as a fluorescent light bulb and twenty times longer than the traditional incandescent light bulbs you may currently have in your home.

2.  LED Lights Are More Efficient

According to Consumer Reports, an incandescent light bulb can lose about 90 percent of their energy to heat. This leaves about 10 percent of the energy for actual light. LED light bulbs however are just the opposite. They only lose about 10 to 20 percent of their energy to heat and use the remaining 80 to 90 percent for giving off light. LED light bulbs also run on a lot less energy than incandescent lights. LED lights only use about 10 to 20 percent of the energy it takes to run incandescent lighting – thus saving you a great deal of money on your electric bills.

3.  LED Lights Are Much Safer

Ever try to touch an incandescent light to change the bulb and notice the heat exuding from it? This of course could result in a house fire or cause an injury to a younger child. LED lights on the other hand run cool, which means you don’t have to worry about burnt little fingers or house fires. They are also a lot more durable than incandescent lights which are very thin and break easily.

4.  LED Lights Are Versatile

Did you know that you can find LED light bulbs in just about any color, shape or size? Whatever area of your home you’re trying to improve, you will find that there is a light bulb to match your home’s décor. Light features such as dimming, color changing, and other abilities allow you to create whatever ambiance you wish to create in your living space. You can get as creative as you want placing light features throughout your home.

5.  LED Lights Save You Money

As stated above, LED lights can last as long as eleven years and are more efficient than incandescent lights. Since they do not need to be changed as often and do not absorb as much energy, homeowners can see a significant savings in money over the course of just a few months.

Money Saving Tip: Worried about the price of LED lights? While the initial cost is more than a typical incandescent bulb, LED lights will provide a return on investment. One way to cut down on the initial costs is to buy energy efficient light bulbs in bulk. That way you save some extra money now and in the future.

6.  LED Lights Support Green Living

If you’re into green living, incandescent bulbs are a great investment. They do not contain mercury like other lighting options and since they last a lot longer and burn a lot less energy, they can help you to support the Earth.

There are plenty of reasons homeowners have switched to LED light bulbs. There are various ways in which they can be used and are certainly a great investment to consider. LED lighting is a growing trend in the home décor sector and can be customized to meet whatever needs you have. Start with one room and see how amazing the transformation can be. When you’re ready for serious investing, then change all of the lighting in your home for a more efficient and stylish home.

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