Making the Most of the Smallest Bedrooms

Not everyone is blessed with a huge master bedroom with an abundance of space. Many people have to deal with rooms that seem cramped even with limited furniture and fixtures. When the design of small rooms isn’t carefully considered the space can make it difficult for you to relax in, which is obviously not ideal. If you own a small bedroom and you’re looking for ways of making it feel larger here are some simple tips that will do the trick.

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Stop It and Tidy Up

It’s so easy to collect clutter but if you allow the room to become the home of clutter it ends up feeling over cramped in no time at all. Sit on your bed and scan the room, how much of the skirting board can you see from where you sit? If you can’t see a lot of it you obviously have too many pieces of furniture and too many belongings taking up your valuable space. Start by trying to find other locations for the furniture in your room, such as another room in the house. Then work through your belongings and get rid of anything that isn’t important and isn’t used.

Make the Most of the Wall Space

Furniture for small rooms can be difficult to find. Begin by measuring the walls and try looking for furniture with curves as well as furniture that can be hung on the walls. If you have a lot of items that you don’t want to get rid of consider using shelving units as well as wall hung night stands.

Radiators can cause a lot of problems so you may want to consider investing in underfloor heating from No part of the wall is then limited by the use of the radiator giving you a lot more options when it comes to changing the room around. If you’re refurbishing your property this is a seriously viable option and one which will save you money over time.

Buy Furniture to Scale

If you buy a large bed for a small room the space will immediately be limited. It’s important to buy furniture in scale with the room you have available. Consider buying the smallest bed you can sleep in comfortably and choose accessories that are also to scale.

The dressers and wardrobes must also be appropriate for the size of your room. If you use an armoire you’ll be able to keep more clothes inside and house the television, which removes the need for two pieces of furniture, the dresser and the television stand. Alternatively consider removing the television from the bedroom altogether. No television results in a more intimate space, perfect for full relaxation at the end of a busy day.

Be Careful with Colour

Dark colours will result in the room feeling enclosed and cave-like, not ideal if the space is already claustrophobic. Keep the walls a light colour, maximise the amount of natural light in the room and add colour through artwork, rugs and the soft furnishings in the room.

By following these tips it’s possible to make the smallest bedrooms feel less cramped and far more relaxing. The size of the space is optimised, helping to give the effect of more space.

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