Little Ones Need Big Plans: Decor For Kids

download (1)Designing a home tailored to your own needs can be challenging but if you’ve got children, then you’ve got to make a whole different environment which can allow them to be children, express themselves and grow without their environment inhibiting them in any way possible. This may seem simple, after all, we were all children once and we may think that our experiences as children give us sufficient knowledge to plonk in certain elements which can make the home more child friendly. This could not be further from the truth. Spaces for children need to be thought out with more detail and precision than spaces for adults and if you’re buying a new home in Malad, you should seriously think about how you want your child’s room to be.

For this reason, the following article provides a few tips on how to make a room suited to a child. These tips range from decor, paint, furnishings and even some interesting ideas which can stimulate the creativity of a child. Remember that the room you put your child in will affect his entire life as they have a direct consequence on his state of mind while he’s young and very impressionable.

  • Common sense dictates that all closets, benches and racks should be placed at a height which is comfortable for the child to reach. This will help the child remain organized and also get things with ease.
  • You should make the room visually appealing to the child. A good idea is to have a running theme around the walls of the home. Some people like to have space related art, comic book art or anything which the child has a fancy for. It’s also a good idea to provide space for the child to draw on the walls. Chalkboard paint or large white boards are a good idea. Scribbling may seem useless to adults but it is an important part of a kid’s childhood. When you’re buying a home in Malad, Virar or Andheri, be considerate towards the child and think of whether the home will provide your kids with freedom to run around the house and express themselves whenever they feel like doing so.
  • Glow in the dark stickers and shapes are great. People still love them when they grow up. Craft stores sell paint additives which make the paint glow in the dark. There are plenty of stickers available too with the quintessential ‘starry’ room still remaining an eternal favorite.
  • Get temporary wall tattoos for your children to add their own decor to the room. These are essentially removable wall transfers which can be easily removed without causing any damage to the paint.
  • Children love to collect things. Be it rocks, postcards, pictures or even pieces of nothing in particular that their innocent curiosity draws them towards. Make sure that their rooms make it easy for them to store their collections. A pin up board is a good idea. You can even hang their collections from the windows to make interesting decor pieces.
  • Who does not like a magnet board? Get some galvanized metal and mount it on one of the walls. Ensure that the kids have everything they would need to enjoy themselves with. The peals of laughter that would issue from their rooms from funny shapes and objects which they choose to put up will be well worth the effort.
  • A lot of parents have growth charts which detail the growth of their children month by month. An alternative way to do this would be to put a border around the room, then get some water based paint for the children and tell them to put their hand prints on the borders. You can stand as a proud parent as you watch the hand prints get taller and bigger.
  • Lighting should be easy to find. There should be many lights in the kid’s room. Lights for reading, lights for the playing area and lights which can be found easily for midnight trips to the toilet.


Anita Cunningham is an interior designer who specializes in making spaces for children. Anita has been making living spaces for children to enjoy themselves in for more than fifteen years and she has achieved considerable success with her designs which incorporate quirky designs with common sense. Contact her after you’re doing buying that home in Malad for advice regarding creating a space exclusively for your child.

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