Keep The Peace & Balance During Your Next Big Reno

When it comes to tackling a big renovation, it can be a challenge to remain stress-free. Restorations and redecorations invite huge upheaval into your life, and even the most composed person would struggle to keep their calm. If you’re worried the pressure of it all will get to you, keep reading. Here’s some sound advice for homeowners about to take on house-wide renovations.

Choose your contractor wisely

When you hire a team of contractors to help with your reno, you’re trusting them with your home. It’s important that they understand how much it means to you before they pick up even a measuring tape. Lead by example by encouraging respectful and transparent communication with these professionals from the get-go. Before you hire, make sure you:

  1. Interview each contractor to know they’re an expert at whatever you’re hiring them to do. Take this moment as an opportunity to see if your personalities complement one another
  2. Check to see if they have the appropriate licenses and certifications to work as an electrician, plumber, or HVAC professional
  3. Ask to see examples of their previous work
  4. Contact any references they provide to get a better understanding of how they work

Once you’ve chosen your contractor, hash out the details about the job in a contract. Important things like the cost and timeline of the job are obvious things to include, but you can also write down secondary needs and wants in this contract.

Expect plans to go awry

Rarely does a home renovation go off without a hitch. You can find countless horror stories about renos that went bad, posted by fed-up homeowners who want to warn others against making the same mistakes. You don’t have to assume the worst about your own revamping plans but don’t let blind optimism leave you vulnerable should the unexpected happen.

If your home is an older build, you might have to deal with plumbing or electric wiring that isn’t up to code. Even in a newer model, pulling up carpet or tearing down walls may reveal black mould. When Plan A goes off the rails, make sure you have a Plan B, C, or even Z. A backup plan looks different for every homeowner. While some may have a considerable nest egg set aside for emergencies, you might have to learn about payday loans as a way to cover unexpected repairs. These short term cash advances work as a quick and convenient stopgap until your next paycheck. Because they’re fast-acting and easier to secure than assistance from traditional sources, these loans are a lifeline to many homeowners facing necessary repairs that go beyond their budget.

Don’t obsess over your reno

This might be a hard lesson to learn, considering the mess and noise of construction is a constant feature of your renovations. But it’s an important one to put into practice. You can wreak havoc on your nerves if you focus too much on the job.

It can get to feel like too much if you don’t take a break. Make sure you schedule “away” time for you and your family. Whether it’s a long hike to reconnect with the outdoors, a day trip to a museum, or a visit to the spa, choose something that can help get your mind off the construction.

Change — even if you want it — can be stressful. A big renovation may promise a beautiful new home, but you have to deal with the chaos of construction before you can enjoy it. While no reno is entirely stress-free, you can limit the anxiety you feel by keeping in mind the above suggestions the next time you take on a huge job.

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