How to take care of and prolong the life of your cooker

A cooker is subjected to lots of wear and tear during its life span, and breakdowns and repairs are an inconvenience that is best avoided. Luckily, there are a few simple steps to keep your cooker in good condition which will help to prolong the life of this essential appliance.


Firstly, protect your cooker from water spillages. These can cause serious damage to the electrical parts of your cooker. If you are building a new kitchen, it is essential you ensure your cooker is located in a suitable position, with continuous access to gas or electricity as required.


Secondly, it is important to keep your cooker in a good, clean condition, by promptly dealing with food spillages before they become ‘baked on’. Wipe initially (when cool) with a damp cloth and normal household detergent, and when necessary, use a reliable proprietary oven cleaner.


It is important to check the instructions on any products used, to ensure they are used correctly and safely, to protect yourself, and your cooker. Keeping your cooker clean on a regular basis will avoid having to clean it occasionally with harsher products. When cleaning your cooker, you should stay away from using abrasive chemicals or materials. When cleaning, be extremely careful not to damage knobs, buttons, or delicate timers or other parts, as these can easily be broken.


If this does happen, replace them promptly, by ordering replacement parts for your model from appliance websites, such as Spares Direct. Ensure you fit correct, genuine spare parts, by locating the model number, which will usually be on the inside edge of the oven cavity.


When cleaning, or using, your cooker, take care not to lean heavily, or drop heavy items on the opened door, as this will almost certainly damage the door glass or hinges. Similarly, do not allow anything to lean or pull on the outer door handle, as this will cause damage. If these items become damaged, they should be replaced before further use of the cooker, as using the cooker with broken parts can lead to more damage.


Another great idea to help prolong the life of the cooker is to make sure you use cooking vessels and utensils made out of materials that are suitable for use with your cooker, to avoid damage. Check your instruction booklet for advice on this if you are unsure.


Finally, should your cooker ceases to operate on one function, it is inadvisable to continue to use it on another function. Doing this could shorten the lifespan of the cooker, and lead to sudden failure of the entire cooker, at a time, which may not be convenient. It is far better to have repairs done promptly, to keep your cooker in proper working order, as this will give you the best chance of optimising the lifespan of your cooker.


These are just a few great tips to help you extend the lifespan of your cooker, taking care when using it and looking after it properly, you will not need to spend money on repairs or a replacement for many years to come.


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