How to Solve Leaking Toilet Problems

Everything seems to be perfect with your new bathroom—shiny tiles, superb interior decoration and fancy fixture. However, are you prepared for the emergency occurrence of plumbing issues? Leaking toilets can be very frustrating. It does not only cause an increase in water bill but it can also lead to rust, which may eventually damage your pipes.

What are the causes of a leaking toilet?

In order to fully address the leaking issue, you must first know the cause behind it. Once you know the cause, you can devise a plan to solve the problem.

1. Intermittent filling

If the toilet tank isn’t functioning well, it can cause a leak. To confirm whether this is really the reason behind the problem, you can do a little experiment. Place a food dye inside the tank and avoid flushing the toilet for an hour. If the time has lapsed and the dye shows up on the toilet bowl, then you need to get your tank checked.

2. Dysfunctional flapper

A dysfunctional flapper may cause various leaking toilet issues. If the flapper or flush valve is worn out, it usually can’t control the water. What you should do is to observe the flapper. If it stays up until about 80% of the water is drained, then there’s no problem with it. However, if it’s drops too soon, you might want to consider replacing it.

3. Water spill from the overflow tube

If you notice water spilling from the overflow tube, the first thing you should do is to check the water level of the overflow tube inside the tank. Fixing this issue can be done quickly as you only need to tighten the valve screw or pinch down the fill valve rod.

4. Unfastened closet bolts

If the water leak comes from the bottom of the toilet, you should check the closet bolts and ensure that they are tightly fastened to the floor. If the closet bolts are fastened correctly and there’s still water, the cause might be the removal of the wax seal.

How to fix serious leaking toilet problems?

Toilet leaks aren’t a minor issue; however, if not addressed immediately, it can lead to more serious consequences. If the problem has gotten worse and you can’t solve it by yourself, the best and last option you can take is hiring Sydney Plumber. Discuss your concerns with him so that everything will be dealt with accordingly. To avoid the problem from recurring, it’s best that you ask the professional plumber for tips and advice.

To find a reliable plumbing service company, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or neighbors. As much as possible, you should hire a plumbing service company that is readily accessible.


Leaking toilets is both annoying and inconvenient. If you want to avoid dealing with it, you have to make sure that the installation of the toilet is done correctly. You also have clean and maintain it well. However, since you can’t control everything and problems will eventually arise, the next best thing you can do is to fix it immediately.

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