How to Make Your Office a Pleasant Environment to Work In

An increasing number of people are choosing to work from home now. There are many reasons behind it, including to get a better work life balance and to cut down on commuting hours. However, the most interesting reason is that offices these days just aren’t cut out for modern living or working. Outdated décor, stuffy air, dim lighting, and posture-affecting chairs are just some of the hazards that people all over the country have to deal with. However, large companies are noticing that if they improve their office décor and interior design, people are happier at work and take fewer sick days or absences. So, it makes sense that you’d want to do this too.

It can be hard staging a full office renovation, so here are a few ways you can improve the environment, without having to redo the building.


People want to work in light, bright offices – not dark, dingy offices that make the sunniest day feel like a winter night. If you’ve got lots of windows and a supply of natural light, then make the most of it. Keep the blinds open, or at least choose some that let light in, while stopping glare. Having the right lights is important, but even more so if your office doesn’t have access to large windows. However, if you have old strip lighting, yellowing bulbs, or flickering lights, it’s time for a change. Try looking at brands like WAC Lighting for contemporary, workplace-friendly light solutions.

Air flow

Warm, stuffy offices are a recipe for unproductive, sleepy employees. Though offices with air conditioning on full blast aren’t much better either. You need to find the right balance between natural air circulation and air conditioned assistance, if you’re going to improve air flow. If you can keep doors and windows open, that will be the ideal solution. If not, then it’s worth looking at dehumidifiers. Keeping the office clean will help – as will having office plants!


High quality office desks and chairs are vital for employees. Bad chairs can cause severe back ache, meaning not only is your employee likely to want to work away from the office, but they might be signed off work due to ill health as a result. So, look at investing in furniture that can help out. From ergonomic chairs to gel-padded mouse mats, there are plenty of options for any sized budget.

Add personality

Regardless of whether your business is big enough to employ five or 55 people, the people in your office will love to be able to help you choose art work to adorn the walls. Select some art pieces that reflect your business’s brand or goals and objectives, and have an in-house vote to decide which art pieces should be displayed. Not only will this brighten up the office space for visitors and employees alike, but it will help your employees feel valued and that their opinions matter. Or, you could try adding small quirky items around the office: from brand mascots to potted plants. Small touches like this will go a long way in creating an environment that your employees want to work in.

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