How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

The bedroom is meant to be a cosy and comfortable room in the home where you can retreat to in order to relax and sleep, however for many homeowners, making sure that their bedroom is comfortable and a relaxing haven for them can be put to the bottom of the priority list. If you have been having any trouble sleeping recently, it could well be that your bedroom is too cluttered or is not comfortable enough for your needs. Taking the time to ensure that you pay attention to making your bedroom a comfortable sanctuary for sleep can have lasting benefits for your health. We’ve put together some top tips for making your bedroom the most comfortable room in the house.

Bedroom Décor

When it comes to choosing the interior décor for your bedroom, certain colours are better than others for relaxation and winding down. Avoid bright, stand out colours such as red, bright blue, or yellow, instead going for calming and relaxing colours such as lavender, baby blue, or even cream. Crisp, clean white is also an excellent choice of colour for a bedroom which can easily be customised and is also great for creating a soothing and relaxing environment.

Change Your Mattress

If you’re not sleeping well at night, your mattress may well be to blame. Mattresses come in all different types, and the one you have may or may not be well suited to you. However, if you find that you’re experiencing problems such as back and joint pain, or are having trouble drifting off into a deep and relaxing sleep, you probably need to think about a mattress change. Choose a bespoke mattress which is custom made to suit your exact requirements, making sure that you always have a perfect night’s sleep.

Soothing Scents

Using scented candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners or even drops off essential oils on your bed linen in your bedroom can help to make your bedroom more comfortable and easier to sleep in. Lavender is an excellent scent to help you drift off to sleep, and a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow will have you relaxed and sleepy in no time at all.


The more cluttered your bedroom, the less likely it is that you’re going to be able to have a great night’s sleep in it. In many households, the bedrooms become one of the main storage areas, especially if you have children with most parents finding their bedroom quickly filled with toys and more of their little ones’ belongings. De-clutter your room completely and put anything that does not belong in there elsewhere, as a clutter-free environment is easier to relax in and much more comfortable and soothing, making for a much better night’s rest.

How do you make sure that your bedroom is comfortable, relaxing haven to sleep in? If you have any décor tips or helpful advice for other homeowners, we’d love to hear from you – leave your response in the comments section below.

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