How to Keep Your New Carpet Looking New

If you are so lucky as to be getting new carpet, you’ll want to make sure it lasts. Carpeting is an expensive home improvement; it adds a touch of luxury and comfort that shouldn’t be taken for granted. With these easy steps, you can get the most from your carpet and the money you’ve invested in it.


1. Choose the Right Carpet


When you start shopping for carpet, you should first consider the type of carpet fiber that you choose. This will affect the look, but also determines the durability of the carpet. Some long-lasting fibers include solution-dyed polyester, which is very cost-effective and is highly resistant to both staining and bleaching. Nylon carpet fibers are extremely durable in high traffic areas. Polyester is stain resistant and ecologically friendly.


Next, the color of the carpet needs to be considered. White carpet may look fabulous in your living room, but it is not practical. Choosing a darker color will show less dirt and make the room feel warmer. A random mix of different colored carpet fibers will make stains extremely hard to spot.


Finally, think about the upfront cost of your carpet decision. You don’t want to be penny-wise and pound foolish; don’t scrimp on the carpet to find it falling apart within the next year. Carpet should be of high enough quality to last, but not so expensive that if some accident happened and the carpet needed to be replaced you would be unable to do so.


2. Clean it Regularly


An ounce of prevention is worth an hour of vacuuming. Put removable mats at each entrance to your home, both inside and out. These mats can then be washed in a washing machine, hosed off, beaten to remove dirt, or even vacuumed. They will lessen the amount of dirt that reaches your carpeting and extend the carpet’s life.


Vacuuming regularly with a reel-type brush will lengthen the life of the carpeting. You should consider the amount of foot traffic and how close the carpeting is to access areas that might introduce dirt to the carpeting. If dirt settles into the carpet, the grit grinds the actual fibers and causes the appearance of traffic lanes.


Traffic lanes should be vacuumed every day. A back and forth motion in one direction and then the other is most effective. Make sure you empty your vacuum often. Full bags will make the vacuum less effective because it will have less suction and be less able to remove dirt. Don’t forget to clean corners and other hard-to-get-to places. Use the vacuum attachment along the room’s baseboard while cleaning the carpet’s edge.

You may choose to have your carpet professionally cleaned as well. Most carpet manufacturer’s recommend doing so once a year. Just make sure the professional cleaning your carpet is truly a professional and that they remove as much water from your carpeting as possible.

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