How To Give Your Kitchen A Whole New Look

Tired of the same old worn down kitchen? Putting a fresh coat of paint and some sparkle into it can make all the difference even if you’re not willing to rip the whole thing out and remodel.


Make It Minimal

A minimalist kitchen has been a style trend for a few years now. Clearing your workspace of any and all distractions or clutter is a great way to clear your mind and bring some of your kitchen’s features back to life. Having no distractions on your workspaces will make the room appear larger too, a good trait for smaller kitchens in particular. From personal experience, a neat and tidy kitchen not only leaves more room for actual cooking to take place, but also increases your willingness to get in there and make a fresh healthy meal.


Fit An Island

Where will all that countertop clutter go? If you have the space in the centre of your kitchen all your extra appliances can go in a kitchen island! Kitchen island trends are branching out to all directions with each passing innovation so there are no ideas too out there. An island is a terrific place to store overflow kitchen items, install some extra appliance or cutlery space, or even take an entire system like the sink or cooker off the wall countertops for even more streamlining. An island immediately becomes a focal point that captures people’s attention and builds that image of a brand-new look.


Try Some Textures

If you’re in a creative space you should experiment by trying a few different textures and patterns in your kitchen. The classic all white kitchen decor is not quite on the way out, white is always in style, but there is certainly a lot more scope now to do more in color. Go with one wall of funky patterns and colors to break up the room, use a rug to split the hard floors and solid cabinets with a bit of fabric, and maybe even fit some light but colorful curtains for a bit of levity.


Fresh Paint And Hardware

You might be surprised at just how much difference a coat of paint can make to the overall feeling of your kitchen. For those on a tight budget you can still revamp a room with just a splash of color. Don’t shy away from bold colors – they are poised for a popularity burst this year. While you’re repainting your cabinets and drawers pop in some new hardware for another easy and cost-effective upgrade. Swap your knobs for pulls or vice versa, just doing something a little different can change the whole complexion of the kitchen.


If you’re thinking your dull kitchen needs a full renovation to give it a new look you are missing out. There are hundreds of places you can go just from these four ideas we’ve listed. Pick out any other areas that you don’t like in your kitchen and apply some of the creativity used here to upscale it!

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