How to Choose the Best Hardware for Your Doors

Miracle of miracles: your home is halfway finished, and all you have to take care of are a few minor details, such as fixtures, doors, floor coverings, lights, and the like.  But come to think of it, these details are not so minor after all! You’ve taken trips to hardware shops and DIY depots, and are more confused than ever with regards to the different aspects of door hardware.


You want to make the right choice, but it can be difficult because the choices are overwhelming. This is where it pays to have a little bit of knowledge. No, you don’t have to read an entire journal or 1000-page book on door hardware and fixtures – just read on so you can get a better idea of how to select the best locks and hardware for your home’s doors.



The first step: check your door’s holes and recesses as well as its frame


Carefully examine the holes and recesses of your door so you can see what lock style will fit them. Most doors have standard-sized holes, but if you have specific old door hardware in mind, for instance, it can be tricky to install (as you need to find a way to fill in the extra space) without the help of a professional installer.


The second step: determine the door hardware’s function


Entry doors would need a lock and knob combination, while interior doors do not need to have locks. Entry or storeroom doors could be fitted with a door pull, and bathroom doors are best with classic door knobs. Of course, it also depends on the space available for the door and the type of door you have. Is it a swinging door, a sliding door, or a French door? Keep in mind that different types of doors also require different types of hardware. Knowing these aspects will help you select the most suitable door hardware for your door.

Old door hardware adds a unique touch

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The third step: consider the style and design you want

You have plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to door hardware. But with this, it’s important to choose door hardware styles that fit your home’s overall look. Do you have a sleek, contemporary home, or do you have a cozier, country-inspired home? If you have a bent for antiques, you can find a lot of old door hardware from various suppliers who make it their business to find and restore antique pieces from abandoned buildings and different historic sites.


The fourth step: consider the finish that you want


The finish of your door hardware can also depend on the look of your home. Homes with a modern design go well with finishes such as brass, bright chrome, or stainless steel. Or you can also opt for pewter, nickel, bronze, or antique brass finishes, depending on the theme that you have in your home. Also, consider where you will be using the door hardware. For exterior doors, it is best to choose brass, aluminum, or nickel finishes to avoid corrosion or rust.


Knowing these aspects will make it easier for you to pick the most appropriate door hardware. With the proper door hardware, you will not only be protecting your abode – you will have beautiful accent pieces that match your existing décor as well.

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