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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Decor, Home interiors | 0 comments

Home Decor Ideas For The Summer

Home Decor Ideas For The Summer

Home is supposed to be a cool, inviting haven during the hot summer months. You can enjoy the season by making your home comfortable with cool interiors, soothing colours and a casual look instead of a stuffy one. This way your house or apartment can actually feel like a summer house. There are many easy home decorideas which can transform your home with just a little bit of effort.

This is how your make your home into an ultimate summer destination just for the family but for your friends too.

Furniture Makeover

Certain colours and tones go with certain times of the year. For example, darker and sober colours are suitable for autumn and winter. When summer comes calling though, it’s time to bring out the light and refreshing tones and colours. Use them on you furniture. Get slipcovers which can be taken off easily or even some fancy throws. Use these to bring in a splash of colour and vibrancy around.

If you like your neutral colours like white and khaki then pair these slipcovers with some formal looking throw pillows and you have a winner!

Summery Windows

Using drapes is for winters, because the materials are really heavy and dark in colour as well. Curtains are for the summer and perfect for defending your rooms from the hot summery air. You can combine your curtains with sheer material. If you like the views outside and do not want to cover your windows then go in for valances. Get them in summery colours and tones and put them up on your windows.

Going Natural

Summer is a time for fruits and flowers and beautiful sights. Make your indoors vibrant by putting in a touch of nature. You can create centrepieces using fruits, flowers and shrubs. These will not only make your house look beautiful in an outdoorsy way, it will also fill the air with sweet, natural fragrances.

If you want a slightly earthy feel, then why not experiment with organic materials like jute, bamboo, etc? You can get jute rugs, for example. This will give your house a nnaturally rustic feel. The point of home decor in the summer is all about making your place a welcome rest from the outside.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these natural materials and textures. You can never go wrong with them, just let those creative juices flow.

Looking outside

While bringing the outside into your house is a brilliant idea, so why not look outside too? Does your apartment or house have a brilliant view of the pool, the natural landscape, or the ocean? If it does, then open your windows wide and soak it in. A view of nature is always therapeutic for you.

Not blessed with a breathtaking view? Then get a painting that soothes your heart whenever you look at it. You could do up your wall in an interesting fashion too.

Easy Tips

Summer means one thing: summer holidays. It is that time of the year when the kids are around the house all the time. Ensure that all the fabrics, the throws, curtains and slip covers are all easily machine-washed without damage. They should look fun to appeal to the children too.

You can do craft projects with the kids using materials like sea-shells, pine-cones, pebbles, etc. It will not only keep them occupied but can later be used as decorative pieces for your home decor projects.

About the author

Tamara Lewis is a textile designer and also a freelance interior decorator. She specialises in organic and handwoven fabrics for home decor projects. Tamara loves attending folk music concerts in her spare time. 

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