Flower Paste Flowers: How To Make Daisies

Flower paste flowers are a right of passage for the would-be sugar crafter. There’s something about assembling and shaping a flower from icing that helps build and solidifies vital skills, and of course the end result looks fabulous on all cakes great and small.

Although many like to tackle a rose, and the experienced decorator will perhaps try their hand at orchids, the humble daisy makes a great flower for the less experienced. Once you have the basic techniques down they can be crafted quickly and are ideal for summer bakes.

What You Need For Flower Paste Daisies

To make a flower paste daisy you will need the following ingredients:

  • White flower paste
  • Yellow flower paste
  • Green flower paste
  • Cooled, boiled water

It’s also hand to have the following tools:

  • Leaf cutter
  • Daisy cutter
  • Ball end tool
  • Sieve
  • Empty egg carton

These tools will make creating your flower paste flowers simpler and quicker than trying to create each petal and leaf by hand.

Creating Your Flower Paste Flowers

The first stage is to press out your daisy shapes with the cutter.

  1. Dust your work surface with some icing sugar to stop the flower paste from sticking.
  1. Take some white flower paste and knead it until it is soft and pliable. If the paste gets too sticky in your hand add a little icing sugar it.
  1. Once it’s ready roll it out onto your work surface. Because these should be delicate you’ll want to roll it out very thin, about 2mm. Remember that flower paste sets hard so you can use it in much thinner quantities than regular fondant.
  1. Press out a daisy shape with your cutter.
  1. Use your ball end tool to gently ruffle the edges of the petals. Keep half the tool on the flower paste and half off and carefully rub it along the edges.
  1. Carefully pick up your daisy and place it into the egg carton. This will shape the petals upwards slightly. Leave to harden.

Once your flower paste flowers have hardened you can add the centre of the daisy. This is deceptively simple to do.

  1. Take a piece of yellow flower paste and roll into a small ball.
  1. Gently press the ball into your metal sieve. This will stipple it, giving it the texture of the central portion of a daisy.
  1. Brush some cooled, boiled water onto the centre of your dry daisy and place the yellow part on the middle, gluing it into position.

Finally make a couple of small leaves to add to the bottom of your daisies.

  1. Re-dust your worksurface with icing sugar.
  1. Roll out the green flower paste, again keeping it as thin as possible.
  1. Press out your leaves.
  1. Use a sharp knife and gently score a vein down the centre. If you want you can shape the leaves in the same manner as the daisies in your egg carton.
  1. Glue into place using cooled, boiled water.

Flower paste flowers make a lovely flourish to any cake, and daisies are a fresh alternative to the usual rose. With Renshaw coloured flower paste now available, making flowers has never been simpler. Just gather your favourite colours and get crafting.

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