DIY Essentials for Home Renovation

There are few things as satisfying as doing up your home yourself. Do-It-Yourself more popularly known as ‘DIY’ has truly taken off since the advent of the internet as handymen and large manuals are being replaced with online tutorials and expert guidance from YouTube video-makers. Although this can lead to an increasing number of botched-up-jobs, at least you’re not spending too much money and can learn tonnes of new skills along the way. If you’re thinking of getting started on fixing-up your home, here are some of the essential tools and equipment items that you will need.

A Good Toolbox

No homemaker or ‘nest-builder’ is complete without a good, sturdy, organised toolbox to store all the numerous bits and bobs that will come in handy. Be sure to buy a box with the right capacity according to the size of the jobs that you’re planning to tackle. If they are small fixes and you’ll take a bit of time to build-up your kit then a small box will suffice.

Measuring Tools

In order to avoid those extremely annoying and occasionally dangerous cowboy jobs, accurate measurements and calculations are absolutely essential. For your toolkit you’ll need a sturdy tape measure, good quality spirit level and a simple calculator to double-check your sums.


It’s important to have a range of hardware in your tool box and it’s best to start with basic handheld tools before blowing your money on swanky and expensive power tools. To start off just pick up a versatile claw hammer for installing nails and pulling them out, an adjustable wrench for nuts and bolts, a pair of pliers and a set of screw drivers. Don’t forget your scraper or putty knife for fillings and that essential utility knife that can be used for making cuts and marks.

Cordless Drill

If you’re going to invest in one power tool then it has to be a cordless drill or driver. These are great multi-purpose products that can get the job of a screw driver done in a flash. They can also drill holes into walls at fantastic speed and generally make DIY a much easier and more satisfying labour of love.

Step Ladder

Painting is probably the most basic home renovation you can do yourself and will give your home a great new look but if you want to reach those high corners then you’re definitely going to need a step ladder. Apart from painting, a step ladder is essential if you have a home with high ceilings as you might need one just to change a light bulb!

Don’t be afraid of DIY as there are plenty of simple ways to get started. Check out some basic tutorials online and let your inner handy-man lead the way. 

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