Choosing the right bathroom furniture can make all the difference

Bathrooms are not generally one of the largest rooms in the house. However, we often have lots of products and items that we want to store in them. By choosing the right furniture for your bathroom, including vanity units and cabinets, you can make the best use of the space.

According to information from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), new homes in the UK are amongst the smallest in Europe. One of the biggest concerns home owners have is that there isn’t enough storage space within new build properties: 57% of those surveyed by RIBA complained about the lack of storage facilities. If you live in a property with a less than spacious bathroom, how can you use the space to your advantage?

Don’t forget the walls


Bathrooms can contain a great deal of wasted space, especially along the walls. There’s no need to leave these areas clear, as they’re the perfect location for fitting shelving units or bathroom cabinets. Often the space higher up in a bathroom is never utilised at all. However, this is a good place for keeping items out of the way that you don’t use very often.

Under the sink

Pipes and plumbing for sinks and toilets can look unsightly, but by choosing the right bathroom furniture you can hide these and create more storage space. Vanity units, such as those available from, take up less space than separate cabinets. They can be used for a wide range of storage needs and the space can be maximised with the use of pull out drawers or shelves.

Create the illusion of space

One of the biggest issues with small bathrooms is that they can feel enclosed and claustrophobic, especially if there is a lack of natural light. Rather than reducing the amount of space, selecting the perfect bathroom cabinets can actually give the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Mirrored cabinets are a great way of achieving this as they help to reflect the light outwards, which makes the room appear bigger. Illuminated cabinets also work well in small bathrooms and provide an additional source of light. 

Store upwards

If you’ve got the height available, then tall cabinets can be a good way of increasing the amount of storage space you have. These can include a number of shelves and are an excellent area for storing towels. It provides you and your guests with easy access to them, but keeps them clean and out of sight.

The right colours

Bathroom furniture can be manufactured in a range of different materials and colours and it’s important to choose one that will work best in your room. Smaller bathrooms suit stainless steel, as well as lighter colours and woods. These help to brighten up the space, whereas darker bathroom cabinets would have the effect of making it feel enclosed.

Whatever the style of your bathroom, it’s important to choose vanity units and cabinets that work well in the available space. A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean there’s no storage space.


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