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The life of a celebrity is a good one; you’re earning megabucks, so you could live anywhere in the world in any style of home you choose. Celebrities often have large mansions, but many of them also need an apartment so that when they are working in the city they will have somewhere to spend the night. Often they are in the most exclusive districts and their interiors have been designed by the best interior designers – who often cost an extortionate amount of money just to hire! Here’s a sneak peak in some of the best celebrity apartments out there.

Kate Winslet’s New York City Apartment


In 2012 Kate Winslet listed her bright and airy New York City apartment up for rent; it costs a momentous $30,000 a month if you’re interested! The apartment is very open plan, and it features a kitchen with a huge cooking range; perfect for entertaining! There is also a breakfast bar, and lots of room for dining and living space. It features a neutral colour scheme with just a few flashes of colour, this movie star probably loved the relaxing air of this place after a hard day filming movies!

Jenifer Aniston’s West Village Apartment

Jenifer Aniston’s apartment is a world away from the neutral tones of Kate Winslet’s NYC pad. Aniston seems to favour warm colours such as burnt orange, magenta and she also uses a lot of animal prints. This gives her apartment a more homely feel with lots of cosy looking sofas and draped throws. Her space looks lived in and personalised, but it still has that designer look!

Karl Lagerfeld

The infamous head of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld recently sold his New York apartment for well under the asking price, showing celebs are suffering recession blues too! Lagerfeld is known for his monochromatic style and his fondness for primarily black and white. His apartment is a peaceful, uncluttered space with plenty of sleek, modern furniture, big windows to flood the apartment with light, and a few touches of antique furniture.

Mick Jagger’s Paris Apartment

Mick Jagger’s Paris apartment is probably not what you expected; it’s feminine with plenty of antique and vintage décor, including classic cabinets, fireplaces and chandeliers. It fits in with Parisian city style, but there’s also a hint of modern taste here and there, with angular tables and chairs in blocks of colour. They likely needed to style this apartment to fit in with its traditional features.

Jessica Stam’s Manhattan Apartment

Jessica Stam has graced the catwalk of nearly every major designer and has been a part of fashion week’s around the world. She commissioned designer Rafael de Cárdenas to design her apartment, and he produced a relaxing scene of soft lilac tones, with lots of cost furnishings and a girly, elegant look. This is the perfect apartment for any elegant supermodel, it’s homely and relaxing after a long and busy day, but still has that luxury, high-end look.

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