Bathroom Renovations: Top 4AreasTo Consider When Giving A Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment. The reason is it gives you an excellent return if you decide to sell your property in future. After kitchen remodelling, it is the next big renovation area which assures you with excellent ROI if you do it in the right way.

When it comes to a bathroom renovation project, it can cost you from a few hundred dollars and sometimes ten thousand dollars or more depending on the project requirement you have. It not only depends on your budget, but also on the theme or kind of renovation you have.

No matter the kind of budget you have, there are mainly two objectives which you should consider for your bathroom remodel project. To enhance your beauty and to increase the functionality of the space are the two objectives which you should consider when planning bathroom renovation in Perth.

Here are the top 4 areas to consider when you have decided to freshen up the bathroom space or renovate the bathroom. The best thing is that you can either do 1, or probably 3 or 5 if you have the budget to do so and still make a great impact on your bathroom.

Let’s Start With CABINETS

The very first thing which you usually notice when you enter the bathroom space is definitely the cabinets. Isn’t that so? Undoubtedly, new cabinets will quickly modify the look of your home.

Cabinets are quite expensive, from cheap to the expensive ones which mainly includes the customized construction. However, you always have the option to find something elegant at a very affordable price if you take a little time to shop around.


Even when you find it a little expensive to change the cabinetry, it is the hardware which makes all the difference. Whether you have decided to replace the cabinet or not, you can get to choose from a huge range of items which can easily enhance the look of the space. It is definitely great to see how exactly a nice piece of hardware can add a stylish look to the mediocre space.


Look for some good modern fixtures i.e. sinks or faucets which should match with the style or theme of the cabinetry and of course go with the overall look. You should never ever choose modern fixtures if the cabinet is a little old fashioned or something classy.

Even when you don’t have the budget to modify the cabinets, choosing the right fixtures, of course it has to be the similar style will definitely make a big difference in the complete look of your bathroom space.


There cannot be anything better than a tile or a great bathroom floor. Most of the times, bathrooms are not really big, so even when you have a tight budget it won’t be a big deal as it won’t cost a lot of money. Furthermore, you can easily find cheap tiles if you take time to do a little bit of research.

Another great option is linoleum, but if you have a budget, it is going to have a strong impact, of course at a much similar cost. Keep all these great tips in mind for bathroom renovations in Perth.

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