Are you sure you’ve asked all the vital questions to your home cleaning service?

With the present age, it has almost become a necessity to get professional help with house cleaning and this is no longer considered a luxury. You get a number of choices from hiring a professional cleaning agent to hiring a cleaning company. Few of the companies are locally owned, few are franchises, few are family-owned and businesses operated by a group of family members. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you should make sure your home is cleaned and also maintained in the best way by the cleaning experts, thereby offering you the best gift of your life.

Measuring the pros and cons of home cleaning services

Before you decide to seek help of professional home cleaning services, you should first decide whether or not it is feasible to hire one. Experts and experienced homeowners are of the opinion that hiring cleaning agents is more cost-efficient as you can personalize the person as per your own needs. However, the individual will be less responsive in case the person gets more business than which they can tackle. In case your home cleaner doesn’t show up, you will be on your own.

On the other hand, when you hire a cleaning company, this can often be costlier but at the same time there are hosts of benefits that you can reap. They provide you with flexible scheduling and they offer you a back-up team to cover up for anyone who is not able to show up.

The best questions to ask a house cleaning company

Qn. #1: In what way do you set the rates?

Majority of the professional cleaning services charge a rate per hour for the initial visit but they might also charge as per the project or according to the total number of employees the send to your home. You should ask the cleaning service to offer you an estimate on the time they will take to clean your home. They should be able to offer you a flat rate for the subsequent visit based on the property’s condition, on the needs of the homeowner and how often you might need their service.

Qn. #2: Does your company do a background check of your employees?

Majority of the reputable home cleaning services offer a background check on their employees. Whenever you hire an independent cleaning service, you become their employer and hence you become liable for performing the background checks before you let them enter your home. When you run a background check, you can make sure the safety of your home is optimum because you remain sure about who is entering your home.

Qn. #3: Are you bonded or insured?

The professional cleaning services carry bond and liability insurance and they have your policy in place in case things get broken, damaged or is missing in your home. You will get added peace of mind and security during the cleaning service. You may also wish to inform the home cleaning service in case you have items that need ultimate care.

Qn. #4: Do you get cleaning supplies and equipment?

There are few companies which bring along with them their own supplies and equipment and others might only get the equipment and you might become responsible for offering supplies for cleaning. During the event when you’re not satisfied with the tasks done by the cleaning services, you should be able to have your own substitute.

Hence, if you’re someone who is preparing yourself to seek help of the cleaning services, you should definitely ask the above mentioned questions before taking the plunge.

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