Are Granite Countertops the Best for My Kitchen?

You must be thinking of remodelling your kitchen. There comes a time when you want to refurbish your entire home. However, the most remodelled part of your home should be your kitchen. Among the things you need to repair or replace are the taps, sinks, ceiling and countertops. Of all these, countertops are the most challenging because there are different worktops available. How do you choose the best type of countertop for your needs? Among the available types are wooden, laminated, tiled and granite countertops. As kitchen remodelling experts, we highly recommend granite countertops. Here are advantages granite countertops offer over the other types.


Compared to other types of countertops, granite worktops are the most durable. Granite is a natural stone and very hard to break. These countertops are not affected by heavy kitchen utensils. They also have a special seal that is anti-scratch. You can do all your kitchen chores on these countertops with no worry about them wearing out or breaking.

Heat resistant

You should install countertops that are not affected by heat. Hot pots and pans are common in the kitchen. You need a countertop you can place these items on with no worry. If you have wooden countertops, you are aware of the heat challenges they experience. Granite is heat resistant; you can place anything hot on it without worrying about the surface.

Easy to maintain

You want a counter surface you can easily maintain and keep clean. Granite countertops are very easy to clean and maintain. First, they have a smooth surface which is quite different from many other countertops. The other advantage is that they are oil and water proof. You can order granite countertops at You no longer have to worry when oil spills on your counter surface. All you need for cleaning is a damp piece of sponge.

Bacteria and dirt proof

Water and oil do not soak into granite countertops thanks to the special seal they have on them. This means that there will be no bacteria or dirt within the countertops as you may find with other types of worktops. Wooden countertops soak up a lot of water and dirt. Tiled countertops may also hold bacteria in-between the tiles.

Granite adds value to your home

Granite countertops are the latest and trending type of countertops in the market. As you do your kitchen remodelling, you can boost your kitchen appeal by installing granite worktops. For homeowners, you can increase your home value by choosing these high-end countertops.

Kitchen remodelling assures you of an elegant and stylish lifestyle. Let your home stand out by remodelling your kitchen with high quality and trendy appliances and features. The next time you are shopping for worktops, consider buying granite countertops.

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