A Deeper Look Into The Life of Ants That Exist In Your House

Ants are such insects that can survive almost anywhere and also have one of the largest populations in the world. A particular species of ants consist of more categories under the same name. In places that are near the Equator of the earth, you will be able to find around 1500-1600 different types of ants. It makes the Equatorial regions one of the most important for the survival of these creatures. Talking about the USA, you will find more ants surviving in the northern states as compared to the other parts of the country.


In the Northern states, there are probably 60-200 types of ants that you will find. Therefore, treating or eradicating ants from this area may become highly difficult. It is because each species of ants will require a different type of treatment. Therefore, hiring Detroit ant control is a great option in that case. If you want to avoid living with ants completely, then the only way is to shift to countries like Greenland, Iceland, or Antarctica. It is an interesting fact that while there is almost no place that has no ants, these countries can boast of the unnatural.


The biology of ants

The physical structure of ants is almost the same as any other insect. These creatures as usual come with six legs and a hard, outside skeleton which is also known as an exoskeleton. It is the same shell that covers all the three parts of an ant’s body. There is a pair of antennae that is multipurpose. Besides, ants also have a unique feature. Yes, they have a waist, unlike any other insect species. It is also what makes it easier to be identified everywhere. The exoskeleton of an ant acts as a protective shield too. It covers up the insect against the weather, water loss, or injuries.


Ants are one of the strongest types of insects and the major reason for the quality is the fact that it comes with an exoskeleton. Any organism with an exoskeleton becomes stronger. It is exactly why ants can carry objects that are multiple times heavier than their weight. If you compare the same with humans, the best example is that a man is lifting a car with their hands. Isn’t that strange? Well, humans don’t come with exoskeletons and so do not have that much power.


Facts about ants

There are several other interesting facts about ants. For example, they are social insects because they like to live in colonies. Each ant has a separate role to play in the community or colony. The entire colony usually works together as one entity and therefore becomes a superorganism. They support each other in their community, and therefore every ant is benefitted by the same. A colony of ants will include a queen (one or more), workers, larvae, eggs, and pupae. The worker ants, as the name suggests builds all the dwelling places or nests. Such places are often close to sources of food or water. Therefore, ants have an almost entire world of their own.


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